Season 1 Episode 13

I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2013 on ABC Family
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Caught short from the studio's extended closure, Fanny and Michelle must find an ongoing way to make money fast. Elsewhere, Sasha realizes the effects of moving from Paradise, and the new students continue to entrance the girls.

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    • QUOTES (6)

      • (The accountant notices Michelle holding her eyes open while Fanny dozes as he goes over their finances.)
        Eric: We're talking about important financial matters, but, as usual, neither of you is taking this seriously.
        Michelle: What are you talking about? We got rid of the hatboxes. We bought a binder.
        Eric: A South Park binder.
        Michelle: What, numbers can't be fun?
        Eric: You're wasting my time. Th-the two of you are children. You say you're trying to run a business, but you don't charge half your students.
        Michelle: (pointing to Fanny) Her fault.
        Eric: You somehow manage to lose money on your annual fundraiser.
        Fanny: (pointing to Michelle) Her fault.
        Eric: You think you can close down the studio anytime you have a bad day.
        Michelle and Fanny: Yeah, well that's both of us.

      • Melanie: (while walking in the school hallway) Every year! The same decades-old projector, the same terrifying movie, the same 1976 Miracle of Life. You know what the miracle is? That anybody got pregnant given the amount of body hair going on.
        Ginny: No more talking. I'm already nauseous.
        Melanie: Why do they even call it health class? What's healthy about it? You come out, you're sick, they should call it sick class.
        Ginny: Thanks, Seinfeld.

      • Ginny: (about Cozette and Frankie) It's like they're the high school U.N., bringing together all sorts of people who have never been together before. And really shouldn't be together now.
        Melanie: Frankie and Cozette?
        Ginny: Who else?
        Sasha: (looking at a picture on Ginny phone) That kid graduated two years ago!
        Ginny: I'm sorry, there are cliques and groups for a reason. First of all, if everyone got along with everyone there would never be a decent book written, a decent movie made.
        Melanie: John Hughes?
        Ginny: Would have worked at Bed, Bath & Beyond. No On the Road, no Catcher in the Rye. Separation breeds discontent, which fuels society. They are de-fueling society.
        Melanie: Messing with the social ecosystem of the school.
        Ginny: And it looks like she's bringing back yellow, and I look terrible in yellow.

      • (Michelle wonders if they should charge Truly rent for her shop in the studio.)
        Michelle: She's using our space, our electricity, our bathrooms.
        Fanny: Oh, I'm not letting them use the bathrooms.
        Michelle: What? Where are they going to the bathroom?
        Fanny: Why would they have to go to the bathroom?
        Michelle: Fanny, everyone has to go to the bathroom.
        Fanny: It's a clothing store, how long do you spend in a clothing store?
        Michelle: I spend two, three hours in a clothing store.
        Fanny: People can't go two, three hours without using the bathroom.
        Michelle: Where the hell are they going, if they're not going here? Did you think about that?
        Fanny: You wouldn't go into a boutique to use the bathroom.
        Michelle: I use the bathroom at Bloomingdales.
        Fanny: That's entirely different. That's a huge store. This is a tiny boutique. You use the bathroom in a tiny boutique, everybody knows. They're listening.
        Michelle: What if you had bad tacos for lunch?
        Fanny: Then you don't go shopping.

      • Michelle: What a difference a day makes, huh? This morning I was smart, and now I'm dumb.
        Eric: I knew you this morning. You weren't that smart.
        Michelle: Yeeeah, but I had hope of being smart. There was a light at the end of the tunnel.
        Eric: A small light.
        Michelle: Yeah, but a light.
        Eric: A penlight, with a weak, dying battery.

      • Truly: (about Milly) She has money and buildings and leases that she wants people to sign, and I have nothing. And I will lose my store and you and Fanny and everything, and Milly will have everything and I will have nothing.
        Michelle: You're not losing Fanny, Truly. (Truly waits) And you're not losing me.
        Truly: Feels like it.
        Michelle: But Milly's not my friend; you're my friend.
        Truly: Really?
        Michelle: Really.
        Truly: You never invited me to Vegas.
        Michelle: Well, Truly, the next time I have some sort of emotional breakdown and run from everything that is good and stable in my life, I promise I'll invite you to come and watch.

    • NOTES (5)

      • "You, Sailor" by Erin McKeown plays during Sasha's dance scene at the end.

      • Although credited, Kaitlyn Jenkins (Boo Jordan) did not appear in this episode.

      • Special billing was given to Kelly Bishop (and) for this episode.

      • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Salli Newman (Produced by), Lisa Nash Jones (Department Head Make Up Artist), Voni Hinkle (Department Head Hair Stylist), Sherry Whitfield (Music Editor), Level 3 Post (Post Production Services), Todd-AO (Post Production Sound), Marat Daukayev School of Ballet (Production Assistance Provided by), California Film Commission (filmed on location in the State of California with assistance from the)

      • Original International Air Dates:
        Norway: June 27, 2013 on FEM

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Michelle: (about accountant Eric) I'm sorry, can we fire him? 'Cause he's a jerk.
        Fanny: He's your guy.
        Michelle: He's not my guy. I just Googled "accountant" and "Paradise" and this is what came up.
        Fanny: Terrific, so he's a "Better Call Saul"?
        Fanny references the tag line in ads by the sleazy and criminally inclined criminal attorney Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad played by Bob Odenkirk.

      • Michelle: (about the amphitheater) We could also rent it out for other things. Weddings would be really pretty here.
        Fanny: True.
        Michelle: Birthdays, graduation parties, school functions, community theater!
        Fanny: Like the Delacorte.
        Michelle: Exactly! A low-rent Delacorte Theater.
        Fanny: And I'm Joseph Papp!
        Michelle: Absolutely, a low-rent Joseph Papp.
        The Delacorte Theater, located in New York City's Central Park, is home to the Joseph Papp Public Theater summer productions for Shakespeare in the Park. Although, since the Delacorte tickets are free to any public who wish to stand in line for them, it's not clear how much lower rent it could be.

      • Melanie: I'm sorry, you're gonna have to listen to "vampire doesn't sparkle anymore" music after you drive me to class.
        Melanie derides Charlie's music by invoking Stephanie Meyer's world from her Twilight novels in which vampires avoid the sun not because it kills them, but because it reflects their skin, thus exposing their real nature.

      • Eric: Look, Judy, Mickey. You can't just get an idea and put a show on in the barn.
        The accountant likely refers to the 1939 Busby Berkeley film Babes in Arms. The first of a number of musicals starring Judy Garland and Mickey Roarke in which a problem was solved by putting on a show.