Season 1 Episode 5

Money for Nothing

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2012 on ABC Family
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    Bunheads: Keep the Change

    "Money for Nothing" was one of Bunheads' best episodes yet, and not just because it had a big choreographed dance number and an adorable possum.

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    Frankly horrified by Fanny's bill keeping and payment schedule, Michelle steps into a situation she doesn't understand and jeopardizes Fanny's new ballet performance at the Spring Flower Festival when she tries to turn a profit. Elsewhere, Boo's miserable job at the Oyster Bar is easier to bear when the hot bartender notices her.


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      Like the title says. I thought it was kinda funny when Michelle said, when her and the girls saw that cute guy, "Get along lil' doggie" or something like that. I also thought about when she said "Kids 15 years younger than you".
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      • (Boo loses her balance in the trash and falls.)
        Godot: What are you doing?
        Boo: Dumpster jumping.
        Godot: For, like, a contest?
        Boo: No, it's part of my job.
        Godot: What job?
        Boo: My job.
        Godot: Sooo, you're like the trash-compacter girl or something?
        Boo: Waitress.
        Godot: Are there customers in there?
        Boo: No, just trash.
        Godot: Okay, I'm sorry, I'm just trying to grasp the whole concept here. Why are you doing that?
        Boo: Well, Jeff said—
        Godot: (imitates a game-show buzzer) I'm sorry. Jeff made you do that? Douche.
        Boo: No, no douche.
        Godot: Douche bag. Out.

      • (Michelle sits down at the girls' Oyster Bar table and helps herself to their fries.)
        Sasha: Why are you hanging out with us?
        Michelle: 'Cause you have fries, and Fanny makes me want fries— no, need fries. Believe me, you'd be willing to hang out with kids 15 years younger than you if you had my life lately.
        Sasha: Twenty years younger.
        Michelle: Oh, let's say 17 and split the difference.

      • Sal Russano: (about dancers' backsides) I can always tell by the tush. Dancers have a very specific tush, and different kinds of dancers have different kinds of tushes.
        Michelle: Really?
        Sal Russano: Oh, yeah. Tap dancer's tush is always higher 'cause they keep jumping up and down all the time. Ballet dancers have a nice centered tush. Fosse's got a very contoured tush — a lot of side indentation. But you, you have a sort of multi-tush. I see some ballet, a little tap, maybe some modern. That's a good, trained tush.
        Michelle: Thank you.
        Sal Russano: What are you gonna do with that tush?
        Michelle: Rent it out for functions.

      • (Fanny describes how she sorts her bills into hatboxes.)
        Fanny: Box number one is for people who have to get paid, like electric.
        Michelle: You only pay your electric bill twice a year?
        Fanny: Well, I've known Fred forever. Box number two is for people who should get paid. They've earned it, they've waited, so they get first shot after people in box number one — the ones that have to get paid.
        Michelle: Huh.
        Fanny: Now box number three is for people who might get paid. Maybe they were too aggressive in their billing practices or rude to deal with. Whatever the reason, they need to wait until the other accounts are settled, and then if there's anything left over, we'll see what we can do. Now, this last box — we're not sure what's in here. There are a lot of things that might be receipts or they might be trash, but we're keeping them in case we get audited.
        Michelle: Every day in your house is like a Kristen Wiig film festival.
        Fanny: Go away now, we're busy.
        Michelle: Okay, fine, but I'm taking the nuts. (points to the bag of nuts in her hand) These nuts. You two can stay where you are.

      • Michelle: I'm sorry. Clarify: you only pay your bills twice a year?
        Fanny: That's the way we do it in Paradise. Everyone has a paying season, don't they Truly?
        Truly: Uh-huh. Mine is when the bills come in, but Fanny's system works great, too.

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Boo's real name Bettina most likely is a take on the clumsy blonde Bettina in the 1991 children's Little Golden Book Bettina the Ballerina written by Mary Alexandra Nelson.

      • Michelle: (sees the new guy behind the bar) Who is he?
        Sasha: His name is Godot.
        Michelle: Oh, so you're all Waiting for Godot?
        (The girls look at her blankly.)
        Michelle: (scoffs) You're so lucky you have fries.
        The girls don't recognize the title of Samuel Beckett's 1953 play.

      • (Fanny is about to abandon Truly to the wind-swept mess that is now her bills.)
        Michelle: You can't just leave.
        Fanny: Truly can handle this.
        Michelle: The place is a wreck!
        Fanny: She's fine. (crouches by a frozen Truly) You're fine.
        (Truly can't answer.)
        Fanny: See, she's fine.
        Michelle: She not fine. Look at her eyes. She's the girl who hides the chicken under her bed in Girl, Interrupted.
        Michelle compares Truly to Daisy Randone (Brittany Murphy) a character from the 1999 James Mangold film that also starred Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. Daisy, a bulimic, was allowed by staff at the psychiatric hospital to store carcasses of the roasted chicken her father brought her under her bed.