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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 11, 2012 on ABC Family

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  • Has potential

    I wanted to check this out because it was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, who did the Gilmore Girls. And if you're looking for another Gilmore Girls, Amy seems to want to give it to you, down to the lead, who is a very similar type to Lauren Graham. I don't like her *quite* as much as Lauren, but that doesn't mean I won't in time.

    There are a number of issues with the basic premise of the first episode, in which an admirer persuades a drunken showgirl named Michelle to marry him and move to his sleepy town. The guy woos her with presents, but he doesn't really know her, and while the show wants you to think he's this nice guy, my impression was he just fell in love with her looks. And because this is a guy she has pretty much zero interest in (I believe showgirls often have these sorts of hangers-on and are rarely impressed by them), it's surprising how when she sobers up the next day she doesn't put the brakes on, especially after getting to his house.

    But the way the show is structured, the premise is ultimately not important, and what is important - a Lauren Graham-ish lead, a mother-in-law reminiscent of Lorelei Gilmore's mom (and played by the same actress), and a whole slew of Rory Gilmore substitutes in a dance school - this stands a chance of being that Gilmore Girls sequel we've been craving, offering the same smart dialogue and engaging characters.

    Although based on my experience with the ABC Family channel, it will probably be a great show that gets cancelled after one season.
  • Not exactly Lorelai Gilmore, but....

    (Spoilers ahead. Seriously, I don't wanna give away the ending, but I also really, really wanna talk about what happened).

    First thing you need to know is that Bunheads is two different shows: the show ABC Family has been advertising for months, and the show it becomes after the last two minutes of the pilot. But more on that later....

    For a lot of people, myself included, this show's big hook, over the small town-utopia and Broadway beauty Sutton Foster and a show about ballet is six little words: "from the creator of Gilmore Girls." And if you're anything like me, you are chomping at the bit to see what Amy Sherman Pallodino has been up to. And as I watched the pilot, I did see the ASP earmarks; the fast, snappy dialogue, the small town, the couple lingering GG actresses, even music as the main character strolled through town similar to the "la-la" music from Gilmore Girls.

    The premise is a Vegas showgirl who naturally has too much talent to be a showgirl has a date with her suitor who visits her once a month and because she's having a bad day, when he proposes to her and offers to take her away she accepts. And he takes her to his sleepy little town where he lives with his mother who owns a ballet studio. Before I go any further, I have to say, as someone not familiar with Sutton Foster, she's not bad. She can't match Lauren Graham's caliber (cause really, who can? Woman is a goddess). But she (Sutton, I mean) is energetic and wears the quips well and is a delight to watch. Kelly Bishop is playing Emily Gilmore, just a different version; the version that chose to live in Stars Hollow, but still has a very specific list of what is acceptable and what is not (not: gals in shorts).

    So this girl finds out she and her new husband whose name she barely knows will be living with his mother in a town where everybody looks down at her. And his mother throws a party and it ends with the mother yelling at them and her son telling her where she can shove it (in a more respectable way). And he tells the main girl, Sutton's character that he knows she doesn't love him, but he loves her and believes she can grow to love him and his town and status-driven mommy. And she goes and bonds with the teen girls who frequent the mom's ballet studio and it looks like she's found her niche, or the door to it at least. And she and the mom go to a bar where the mom reveals she got the 411 on her and knows all about the promising start to her career and sqaunderd potential. and the girl admits she doesn;t love ehr son but believes she can grow to love him and the mom says she loves her son and wants him to be happy. and she and the girl have a heart to heart and dance and it looks like the show is off to a great start. and then someone comes in and tells the mom her son just died in a car accident.

    and that i can honestly say i did not see coming.

    i'm almost impressed at how well abc family kept that under wraps. i mean the promos have revolved around a woman marrying a man and moving to his town and running his mom's ballet studio, they never even alluded what would happen if something happened to said man.

    and i have to say, and i;m trying not to come off heartless, but i think it was a good choice for the show. I know it's the pilot but I think it will be more interesting now because she only came here because of this man she doesnt even know, and she just decided she would learn to love him and his mom decided to give her a chance and then the whole thing came crashing down. and now she doesn;t have to stay in this town that hasn't accepted her where she doesn;t have any allies, but her old life isn;t exactly calling her name and her new little ballerinas need her. right?

    on another note, alan ruck who played the husband was one of the weaker parts of the pilot. I don't know if it's my old Ferris Bueller fondness is failing me or if Alan Ruck just hasn;t aged well but he was awkward to watch, and not just because he is twenty years senior to the gal he just married.

    This show in the last thirty seconds managed to take such a quick swerve that will affect the rest of the show, and it might not be Stars' Hollow, but I have to say, methinks I'll be back.