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  • great show!

    great more of it!!!
  • abcfamilyPR1 Bullsh*t

    I tracked the ratings for all ABC Family summer shows and Bunheads ratings were better than half of those shows.
  • upset!

    can't believe they cancelled this show!
  • is it not renewed

    I just watched the entire season 1 on Amazon Prime and I loved it. Great show. And yes, it did have tones of Gilmore Girls but it was its own hope they revisit and go ahead and renew this show.
  • Love, Love, Love this show!

    This is a great show, PLEASE RENEW IT!!!
  • Season 2 of Bunheads receives California tax credit

    Variety posted an article on 6/5 by Dave McNary that I hope will lead to a season two renewal for Bunheads (although we have yet to hear any official word).

    The article details the 31 new allotments for the California Film Commission's 4-year-old Film and Television Tax Credit program. The top allotment of $11.09 million went to MTV's Teen Wolf, which relocated from Atlanta to . and also received a tax credit of $10.4 million last year. Season 2 of Bunheads was 8th on the list with a $5.82 million tax credit, just ahead of the third seasons of Perception and Switched at Birth. The new round of tax credits will not be released to the producers until after production is completed and an audit has established that the production funds were spent in California.

    Hopefully this will help move the second season of Bunheads into production and onto our TV screens in the near future!
  • PLEASE renew this show

    I love this show, it is funny and it can be just as great as Gilmore girls!

    So much better then all those awful series you have now like gossip girl and the bad role models in those series for young girls.
  • Good ala Gilmore Girls

    This show is so much like the Gilmore Girls.. The dialogues and even the music played in some parts of the show.. It is good to watch.. !!!
  • NEED season 2

    and 3 and 4 and 5.

    The best series I've watched in a long time. Amy Sherman-Palladino really knows how to create great stories and funny characters.
  • Love This

    I Love This Show It's Like Gilmore Girls 2.0 I'm Just Praying For Season 2
  • Sutton Foster and Bunheads Cast PLUS AMAZING CREW!

    This is my number one tv show ever I had seen in my life. This is the best one! Please renew this show! I love Sutton Foster and I am a big fan of her works through Broadway to Bunheads. I feel like I am a part of Bunheads family because I was a former ballerina in my little childhood. This inspired me too much.
  • Too Many Quirky Characters

    I'm a gilmore girls fan and bunheads has a lot of similarities that I enjoy. Unfortunately, they need to adjust some of the characters' personalities in order for this show to make it. 95% of the characters all have the same personality and form of speech. There doesn't need to be so many fast talking, witty, wierd, quirky characters. Every conversation sounds like Rory and Lorelei Gilmore hopped up on caffeine and sugar. It's too much. The other 5% of the characters are still fast talking, witty, weird, but rather than quirky they're more bitchy. I love the speech style, but tone it down to two or three characters and not the entire freaking town.
  • Blows my socks off

    I don't usually write reviews and my preferred viewing is X-Files, Fringe, Haven and the like so this is something new for me. Watched the first ep and was hooked and have enjoyed all of it so far although I could wish we got to see a little more dance, both training and in performance. That said the cast are fantastic and Sutton Foster is superb although I had not heard of her before this, her character is charming, witty, vulnerable and funny. Quite honestly there hasn't been a show I have enjoyed as much as this for a long time so I reckon it's something rather special. Kelly Bishop as Madam Fanny is also brilliant and it's a shame that she seems to be figuring less as time goes on as her relationship with Michelle is endearing. The younger cast members are all very believable and do a fine job. The writing keeps the interest going between the teen and the adult storylines, and the dialogue is witty and smart with machine gun fast delivery. All in all a beguiling series, long may it continue!
  • Really enjoy the dance parts

    Those girls can really dance!!!
  • Loving it

    I was very reluctant to start watching it the first few episodes. Decided I was going to give it a chance over winterbreak, and realised I had been missing out on a lot.

    A show with a main character like Michelle Simms is a show I will follow anywhere. So funny, and quick witted. And I do love a good dose of sarcasme ALWAYS. Her oneliners and jokes are so great, I'm often watching on my laptop on my way to work and people stare at me when I can't help but laugh out loud when Michelle is joking about Eyepatch-dude. Love it, absolutely love it!!!
  • Something long anticipated

    I love this show. I own every episode of Gilmore Girls, it is my all time favorite show and love everything about it. This show was written by Amy Sherman Palladino, the writer of Gilmore and even though the situations in this show are different from Gilmore, she gives it the Gilmore feel. The warm small town where the people care about each other, the quirky cast who add a little oomph to it, the witty writing, the intelligent jokes, the tugging at your heart strings from time to time. It all is well written, and maybe it wasn't as well receive because of the network it airs on, but regardless I feel it is as close to Gilmore as anything can get without being the original, and therefore deserves its kudos. I love it all, and would be as devastated as I was when Gilmore cancelled if this did too. I look forward to what it has to offer, and hope that with a little campaigning, that you can get as wide of a following as you did with Gilmore Girls!!
  • just a little something

    I like the concept of the show because it's (well, supposed to be) about dance.

    I like the occasional dance production. (But Fanny has to be seen dancing or demonstrating too) ;)

    The script has to improve. Michelle's lines, particularly. Too much of that nonsense banter.

    And that Truly character, is kinda annoying -- will her participation in the show, hence, character ever evolve. She can look sophisticated like the episode on michelle's birthday.

    And it's true what the others are saying here-- the show falls flat. It starts and ends just like that. Like, "it's done? nothing has happened yet with the

    I like to stay glued on it every week, and I don't like to end up bored with it.
  • Gilmore Girls Light

    I gave Bunheads a middle of the road rating because I feel it is the "diet" version of Gilmore Girls. The quick wit banter, characters, decent acting (from the seasoned actor(s), and occasional dance number is what I feel will keep this show afloat. Those who miss Gilmore girls will continue to watch to see more of the former cast reappear in different roles on the current version. I've watched and wanted to love this show but so far we are just friends.
  • flat and annoying

    Michelle Simms seriously is one of the most annoying characters on television!
  • fantastic

    For anyone missing Gilmore Girls, Bunheads is a must see. It has the charm, the wit, and the words, and is quickly becoming a favorite. Even Gilmore Girls took some time to grow into what it was, and Bunheads is quickly finding its footing.

    Amy Sherman Palladino writes women, with all of our flaws and strengths, so very well. This show is no exception. Michelle is warm and endearing, very much a fish out of water learning to breathe. I'm not sure where the stories will take us, but each character is growing and endearing themselves to us. As we get to know he characters, the town, and have them grow on us, and we want to see the goings on in their lives, the town, and more. 4 episodes in and I'm hooked. I can't wait to see where it goes, but I know I will enjoy the ride.
  • Gilmore Girls v2

    I am a huge GG fan so when I read about Bunheads being created by GG creator I had high hopes and it hasnt let me down. You can tell its written by the same person because it feels like I have woken up in an alternate GG reality. Emily Bishop is a slightly more hippy but still the same Emily G we all know and love although I think she is more likeable as Fanny. Michelle is pretty much Lorelai the quirks the fast talking it is the essence of Lorelai in a dancers body. The girls are hit and miss. You dont miss them when they arent there but they dont ruin it when they show up. Ive just watched 4th ep and Boo is standing out among the girls. I like the appearances of Gypsy and Tom and cannot wait to see who else appears. The only thing Im not keen on is the cafe owners. The washed up surfer types they are too cliche and she could have done better
  • Flatline

    Even after 3 episodes, everthing about this show falls flat - the characters, the storylines and the setting. After the pilot I was hoping we would get some idea of where this show is going but so far nada. The only effect it had on me, was to go digging for my gilmore girls dvds to watch how it is done.
  • Not my favorite

    So far this show is just all right, and it seems like they are just trying to hard to be funny and the result is ridiculous and fake. It might just be that it's a new show and it will get better once it gets older, but I probably won't continue watching.
  • Great but

    I don't exactly have a taste for this kinda of show, but I will give it try. Its looks really promising and will probably last more than 2 seasons.
  • Very odd killing off a main character during the first episode

    The show was interesting but wondering what direction it will take after Hubbell was killed off in the very first episode. I realize there is a lot they can do with the dance studio and the interaction of the town's people. However, part of the charm was/would have been the relationship between Hubbell, his new bride and his mother. It seems as if half the plot was wiped out with the accident that occurred in the very first episode. And yes, Bunheads is a very strange choice for the name of a series. Sounds like an old scifi movie.
  • Bunheads...Horrible Title, Interesting Premise

    Coming from the creator of Gilmore Girls I had certain reservations about this show. The style and feel of Gilmore Girls is very specific and I thought this show would be almost a clone of the original. In some ways it is (small town where everybody knows everybody, quirky main character and Kelly Bishop as the hard to please matriarch of the family) in other ways it's better (Sutton Foster is a refreshing to watch and for once I'm actually curious about a show devoted to dancing). The one giant complaint that I have is in the show's title. If a person heard the title "Bunheads" without knowing anything else about the show they might not want to check it out. Now I feel that a name like "Paradise Academy" would have worked better here (the name refers to Kelly Bishop's character's school of dance) and more people would want to know what goes on there. I'm going to check it out for a few more episodes to see how the plot advances especially in the wake of the last two minutes of the pilot episode. This is show has potential to be a pretty good summer series. Amy Sherman-Palladino has had success in the past, let's hope she can have success again after a 5 year absence from television.
  • Interesting

    It's too early to call the show super great after one episode, but the pilot was really interesting! Leave it to ABCFamily to not leave out the word "sex" in most of their shows though. But I'll keep watching to see how the show plays along. Definitely love the main character, so quirky