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  • Bunheads...Horrible Title, Interesting Premise

    Coming from the creator of Gilmore Girls I had certain reservations about this show. The style and feel of Gilmore Girls is very specific and I thought this show would be almost a clone of the original. In some ways it is (small town where everybody knows everybody, quirky main character and Kelly Bishop as the hard to please matriarch of the family) in other ways it's better (Sutton Foster is a refreshing to watch and for once I'm actually curious about a show devoted to dancing). The one giant complaint that I have is in the show's title. If a person heard the title "Bunheads" without knowing anything else about the show they might not want to check it out. Now I feel that a name like "Paradise Academy" would have worked better here (the name refers to Kelly Bishop's character's school of dance) and more people would want to know what goes on there. I'm going to check it out for a few more episodes to see how the plot advances especially in the wake of the last two minutes of the pilot episode. This is show has potential to be a pretty good summer series. Amy Sherman-Palladino has had success in the past, let's hope she can have success again after a 5 year absence from television.