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  • Gilmore Girls v2

    I am a huge GG fan so when I read about Bunheads being created by GG creator I had high hopes and it hasnt let me down. You can tell its written by the same person because it feels like I have woken up in an alternate GG reality. Emily Bishop is a slightly more hippy but still the same Emily G we all know and love although I think she is more likeable as Fanny. Michelle is pretty much Lorelai the quirks the fast talking it is the essence of Lorelai in a dancers body. The girls are hit and miss. You dont miss them when they arent there but they dont ruin it when they show up. Ive just watched 4th ep and Boo is standing out among the girls. I like the appearances of Gypsy and Tom and cannot wait to see who else appears. The only thing Im not keen on is the cafe owners. The washed up surfer types they are too cliche and she could have done better