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  • Something long anticipated

    I love this show. I own every episode of Gilmore Girls, it is my all time favorite show and love everything about it. This show was written by Amy Sherman Palladino, the writer of Gilmore and even though the situations in this show are different from Gilmore, she gives it the Gilmore feel. The warm small town where the people care about each other, the quirky cast who add a little oomph to it, the witty writing, the intelligent jokes, the tugging at your heart strings from time to time. It all is well written, and maybe it wasn't as well receive because of the network it airs on, but regardless I feel it is as close to Gilmore as anything can get without being the original, and therefore deserves its kudos. I love it all, and would be as devastated as I was when Gilmore cancelled if this did too. I look forward to what it has to offer, and hope that with a little campaigning, that you can get as wide of a following as you did with Gilmore Girls!!