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  • Blows my socks off

    I don't usually write reviews and my preferred viewing is X-Files, Fringe, Haven and the like so this is something new for me. Watched the first ep and was hooked and have enjoyed all of it so far although I could wish we got to see a little more dance, both training and in performance. That said the cast are fantastic and Sutton Foster is superb although I had not heard of her before this, her character is charming, witty, vulnerable and funny. Quite honestly there hasn't been a show I have enjoyed as much as this for a long time so I reckon it's something rather special. Kelly Bishop as Madam Fanny is also brilliant and it's a shame that she seems to be figuring less as time goes on as her relationship with Michelle is endearing. The younger cast members are all very believable and do a fine job. The writing keeps the interest going between the teen and the adult storylines, and the dialogue is witty and smart with machine gun fast delivery. All in all a beguiling series, long may it continue!