Season 1 Episode 15

Take the Vicuna

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2013 on ABC Family
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Fanny must negotiate a cease-fire with Milly after she crosses from the money side of the aisle to the artistic side in true Milly style. Michelle and Scotty's plans for a final night blast together take a trip down memory lane when Scotty detours for an errand. Sasha channels her inner Martha to throw a perfect housewarming party, but finds out it's hard to hang onto perfection once company's gone home.


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    Lolita Davidovich

    Lolita Davidovich

    Michelle's Mom

    Guest Star

    Liza Weil

    Liza Weil

    Milly Stone

    Guest Star

    Hunter Foster

    Hunter Foster

    Scotty Simms

    Guest Star

    Kelly Bishop

    Kelly Bishop

    Fanny Flowers

    Recurring Role

    Garrett Coffey

    Garrett Coffey


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    RaJahnae Patterson

    RaJahnae Patterson


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • QUOTES (8)

      • (Michelle quizzes Scotty about which clothes to bring on their last night out.)
        Michelle: Rain coat?
        Scotty: Bring it.
        Michelle: Bikini?
        Scotty: Bring it.
        Michelle: Pajama jeans?
        Scotty: Bring 'em.
        Michelle: Handcuffs?
        Scotty: Toss 'em in.
        Michelle: Hard hat, waffle iron, Bananarama box set?
        Scotty: What the hell we gonna do with a waffle iron?

      • (Michelle hates not knowing where they are going.)
        Michelle: I need details!
        Scotty: I told you, it's in the desert. It's like, uh, Burning Man
        Michelle: Which means nothing.
        Scotty: You've heard of Burning Man.
        Michelle: Yes, I've heard of Burning Man, but since I've never been to Burning Man I can only guess what takes place. Like, do they really burn a man? And who is this man? Is he annoying? Does he have it coming?

      • (Boo and Ginny are amazed at Sasha's to-do list to set up her apartment.)
        Boo: This is a lot of work.
        Sasha: But it's worth it. The apartment is awesome. I mean, it needed a little jeuje — a paint job, new sink, I'm pulling up the carpets. People who cover up their hardwood floors deserve their own poorly decorated section of hell.

      • (Ginny and Melanie argue over Sasha's housewarming party, each swearing they won't come if Cozette attends.)
        Sasha: Oh, my God!
        (Sasha walks over to Cozette.)
        Sasha: We haven't been properly introduced; I'm Sasha. I was planning on inviting you to the housewarming party I'm having so we could get to know each other, but my friends over there are re-enacting the last third of Benjamin Button and will soon turn four. So, would it be okay if we just grabbed a coffee sometime instead?
        Cozette: Cool beans.
        Sasha: I'm interpreting that as a yes, so thank you.
        (Sasha walks back to the girls.)
        Sasha: No Cozette, okay? Kim, Khloe, truce for the evening? Good.

      • Michelle: You went to Woodstock?
        Fanny: I didn't want to at first, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. Because I gave myself over to it. All I remember is this warm, gooey, haze of a weekend filled with love and connection, and at the end of it I wound up with a baby.
        Michelle: Hubbell was conceived at Woodstock?
        Fanny: No, literally. I opened my bag as I was leaving, and somebody had slipped a baby inside.
        Michelle: Oh, my God! What'd you do?
        Fanny: I just left it at the "Lost Baby" table in the parking lot. A lot of babies were put in the wrong purse that day.

      • Sasha: Make sure you go and check your mailbox, because sometimes you don't.
        Michelle: Why do you know about my mailbox?
        Sasha: Because, sometimes we walk by and all the mail is spilling out like you haven't checked it in forever, and we wonder if you're dead, but, no one wants to look.
        Michelle: Hey, what if I need help?
        Sasha: If you're dead, it's too late for help.

      • (Michelle and Scotty tour Sasha's apartment.)
        Michelle: Monogrammed towels. She has monogrammed towels.
        Scotty: I saw.
        Michelle: Don't you need, like, six weeks to get something monogrammed?
        Scotty: (completely bummed) No idea. I write my name on my underpants with a Sharpie.

      • Boo: Hey, isn't that your cheerleading friend?
        Sasha: Aubrey. I didn't even invite her.
        Ginny: Cheerleaders can sense parties. It's innate. It's like their ability to make people feel small.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Original International Air Dates:
        Norway: July 11, 2013 on FEM

      • Garrett Coffey transitions from Tyler/Roman to just Roman in this episode.

      • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Salli Newman (Produced by), Lisa Nash Jones (Department Head Make Up Artist), Voni Hinkle (Department Head Hair Stylist), Sherry Whitfield (Music Editor), Mike Marchain (Supervising Sound Editor), Level 3 Post (Post Production Services), Todd AO (Post Production Sound), Marat Daukayev School of Ballet (Production Assistance Provided by), California Film Commission (filmed on location in the State of California with assistance from the)

    • ALLUSIONS (7)

      • Ginny: (about Cozette) She's Carnaby Street in pointe shoes.
        In her rant against Melanie's behavior, Ginny compares Cozette's hip persona to the Soho, London, fashion street full of boutiques and "life" stores.

      • Milly: More lights will make it beautiful. It has to be beautiful. Everything is beautiful at the ballet.

        "Everything is beautiful at the ballet," is a line from the song "At the Ballet" which is part of the 1976 Tony Award-winning musical A Chorus Line. Kelly Bishop (Fanny) starred as Sheila (and won a Tony award for the part) and sang the song in A Chorus Line.

      • (Fanny manipulates a free-spending Milly to commit more resources.)
        : Costumes, usher uniforms, ushers.
        Fanny: We need all those things.
        Michelle: I'm just wondering. Are you putting out for all this? 'Cause there's definitely some sort of quid pro quo going on here.
        Fanny: Don't be vulgar. I'm doing it for the art… and for the children.
        Michelle: Hey, I'm not judging. "As long as the lady's paying for it, why not take the vicuna?"
        Michelle uses a line from the 1950 Billy Wilder film Sunset Blvd. to make her point to Fanny. In the scene, a salesman, presuming Joe Gillis is a gigolo, urges him to upgrade his tuxedo to fabric made from alpaca wool since Norma Desmond is footing the bill.

      • Sasha: (to Ginny and Melanie) No Cozette, okay? Kim, Khloé, truce for the evening? Good.
        Sasha labels the bickering girls with two names infamous in reality television for the inane arguments trumped up for their two shows, Meet the Kardashians and Khloé & Lamar.

      • (Fanny has pictures of Burning Man displayed on her computer screen.)
        Fanny: I found pictures.
        Michelle: Gah. Must unsee. Eternal sunshine my mind.
        Fanny: You lived in Vegas, how can this be shocking?
        Michelle: Okay, if that happened in Vegas, even Vegas would be saying, "Tell someone about this. Don't let it stay in Vegas."
        In asking for her memory to be wiped, Michelle references the 2004 Michel Gondry film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in which a couple undergo an experimental procedure to erase memories of the other from their minds. She also references the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority slogan from their marketing campaign, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," begun in 2004.

      • Ginny: This place is amazing.
        Melanie: We should totally make it our hangout.
        Ginny: Like in that Irish movie where Minnie Driver is fat.
        Melanie: And they had that clubhouse in the woods where they would all go for parties and secret trysts.
        Boo: Yes, this could be our secret Irish tryst-y place.
        The girls are talking about the 1995 Pat O'Connor film Circle of Friends.

      • Roman: You got an apartment and never told me? A whole apartment. You actually moved.
        Sasha: It was sudden.
        Roman: So, if I had shown up at your house with the boom box and Peter Gabriel blasting—
        Sasha: The new owners would have called the police.
        Roman references the iconic scene from the 1989 Cameron Crowe film Say Anything, in which Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) holds a boom box playing "In Your Eyes" in Diane Court's (Ione Skye) front yard.