Season 1 Episode 11

You Wanna See Something?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2013 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

We open to the girls performing with Michelle. As it zooms out, Fanny is watching the performance on video, and it is obvious that she misses having Michelle with her. There are boxes packed up all over her house. Truly calls for help from the kitchen, caught up either in plastic tarp or bubble wrap. Truly came to visit to show Fanny what she imagined for redecorating the kitchen. Truly takes Fanny outside to a built-to-scale cardboard kitchen (with electricity). Truly asks Fanny if she likes it and if she will do it. Fanny says that she doesn't know what she is going to do with the house, the kitchen, or her life. She says that she is out of sorts (her chi is off) and Truly hugs her. Fanny hugs her back and asks if Truly has ever been a blonde.

Ginny is hosting an open house for her mother, talking about so many things that the owner had taken because of it being a foreclosure, but that is why it is priced so wonderfully and it is a steal. Ginny calls Boo, who is babysitting, and Boo announces that her mom is pregnant and on complete bed rest, which means she is in charge of everything. Ginny mentions that her mom is practically antisocial due to her ex-husband (Ginny's father) setting a wedding date, so she is in charge of her mom's business. She asks Boo if the package arrived, and Boo confirms it did. Boo's mother comes in rejoicing about bed rest and things she needs.

Melanie is taking care of her wheelchair-bound grandfather at the Oyster Bar when Boo calls to confirm the arrival of the package. Melanie says that it is there. The Oyster Bar employee asks about ballet and Melanie says it isn't happening.

Fanny and Truly are going through the clutter filled dance studio, Truly mentions that it is weird to see it filled with so much and unused. Since they can't find the tea kettles, Fanny tries to usher Truly out, but Truly asks when she will open it again, and Fanny says, "When it is time."

At a terrible magic show in Henderson, Nevada, Michelle is working as the second assistant to the "magician." Later, she is sitting on a couch, and Talia comes home. Michelle starts making old jokes, and an old man (Rick) comes in. Clearly, Talia is dating him. He offers to set Michelle up with his friend who is getting out of the hospital on Friday. Rick goes to bed, and Michelle and Talia chat for a bit, and talk about Michelle's failed career and whether or not Talia actually likes the old guy, and she admits she does.

Melanie and Ginny are having lunch at the Oyster Bar while Melanie gives instructions on taking care of her grandfather to her mother. Then Ginny realizes they will have to take gym because Madam Fanny won't give them notes to get out of it. Fanny walks into the restaurant and sees them. As they discuss the possibility of forging her signature to get out of gym, Fanny walks up. She says that she came up to say hello. She asks how their summers have been, and asks after Boo and Sasha. They say that Sasha has a few more weeks at Joffrey, and Fanny is surprised and mentions that she thought she would be back. The waiter brings Ginny and Melanie a platter of fried food goodness, and they say it isn't theirs. He says that it is, and talks about how detailed his order taking was. Fanny says that it is okay, it is summer, the time to eat junk food and go crazy. They still won't eat it, so Fanny says goodbye. Then, Ginny asks after Michelle and Fanny says that she sent a note with a forwarding address and that she is fine. Boo comes in and asks if they have seen it, and they ask what and ask about the package and Boo says, "Screw the package." and after a quick reprimand from Ginny, it is just clear that Boo has more on her mind.

Talia is watching something on her laptop when Michelle gets out of the shower. Michelle asks what she was watching, and Talia asks if she wants to go get food, and Michelle makes her show her. It is an Auto-Tuned YouTube video of Boo's TV interview of her teacher macing them. Michelle is horrified.

The girls are at Boo's house eating cake, and Boo's mom comes downstairs complaining about bed rest of one day. Boo sends her back to bed. Then Ginny mentions the package and Sasha comes out of the closet. They keep talking about the video. Boo's mom comes downstairs and asks about a book. Boo asks when Sasha is going home. Sasha says "Eventually." Boo's mom comes back in and says her brother did a weird sticky thing.

Michelle is onstage on the act. A huge fat guy comes out of the box onstage. The magician is upset about the fat guy, and reprimands Michelle for choosing the fat guy and not clapping. Michelle sarcastically talks about how stupid the show is. Instead of being fired, Michelle can't hold the bird anymore. Michelle goes back to Talia's and starts to open various bottles of booze. All is quiet, and Rick comes out. Michelle was eating his hummus. Rick mentions that he didn't think Michelle would be there, and she apologizes and complains about the show and her job, and then Rick and Talia go to talk and Rick asks how long she was going to stay and if there is something wrong with her hoo-ha. Michelle leaves.

Truly and Fanny are discussing her curtains, Fanny says she loves them. Truly asks if she will come out to the kitchen box she made. Fanny tells her to take a break. She finds a video. It is Hubbell and Michelle's wedding video. Hubbell talks to the videographer about Michelle, and lights up when talking about how much he loves her and everything else.

During Michelle's show, she looks out and Fanny is in the audience. Michelle leaves the act and asks Fanny what she is doing there, and Fanny says she wanted to see something. She asks Michelle if she shouldn't be onstage, and Michelle asks if she shouldn't be in California. The waiter comes and Fanny tells him to bring her a martini that actually has gin in it. Fanny says she went by her apartment and that there was an older man there, asks if he is Michelle's. Michelle says that he is Talia's "daddy." Fanny says they had a lovely conversation about Eisenhower and Michelle's hoo-ha, and that Michelle shouldn't go home without hummus. Fanny says that she came to talk to Michelle. The waiter brings a martini, Fanny tastes it and says, "No." Fanny asks if this is better than home. Michelle says Paradise isn't her home. Fanny says that she owns land there, has a dance studio, students, Michelle says it is Fanny's, and that she will sign it all over to her. Then Fanny says that she saw Michelle's wedding video. Michelle didn't realize there was a wedding video. She says that she knows that she was married, and that she wonders if Fanny thinks that Hubbell would have eventually wised up and dumped her and Fanny says no. Fanny asks her to come home. Michelle says she just feels an obligations. Fanny says they are family. Michelle says that Fanny didn't want her there. Fanny says that she was wrong and was upset. The waiter brings a drink without olives, and Fanny sends it back again. Fanny says that Hubbell loved Michelle and saw something in her, and if Fanny lets her stay in such a horrible situation, that Fanny wouldn't be honoring Hubbell's memory. She gives Michelle the wedding video. Fanny says that Michelle will have to see what Hubbell saw in her in herself eventually.

Melanie is taking care of her grandfather at the Oyster Bar, and yells at him for being asleep. Sasha shows up, and Melanie tells her that she can't stay with her anymore, they are putting the motorized lift in for her grandpa, she says she called Boo. Sasha calls Boo, and Boo says that she can't stay with her either, her mom has passed into a dark place, and that she should stay at Ginny's. Boo's mom comes in the kitchen, and Boo asks if she can get her mom anything. Her mom grabs a big Michael Myers-type knife and says, "Tell your father to come see me when he gets home." Sasha is begging Ginny to let her stay at the house, and Ginny says it is in escrow, she can't. Ginny tells Sasha to go home.

Michelle is watching the video. Hubbell is talking about how excited he is to get her, that "Duckie got Molly." Michelle looks floored.

Sasha sneaks into Michelle's house. Her friend, "Tyler/Roman" comes in. They start talking about their summers. As they declare some feelings and are about to kiss, the lights come on, and Michelle walks in. Sasha runs over and hugs her. Michelle looks so happy. She thumbs at Roman to leave. Sasha asks if she can crash there. Michelle says sure.

Michelle walks into the dance studio the next morning. It is ready to go. The girls are practicing. Michelle tells Fanny that she isn't giving up performing and may want to move to New York. Fanny says fine. Fanny says that she may still want time off and Michelle to teach. Michelle says fine. Michelle asks what Fanny is going to tell the parents, and Fanny says that Michelle is back and if they don't like it they can take her to the reality show lady that crazily teaches kids to dance. Michelle notices a blonde Truly walk by. Fanny asks Michelle her opinion on a dance they had worked on for the fall recital. The girls perform a hilariously choreographed dance to the Auto-Tuned, "She maced us" video. Boo mouths an apology. Fanny mentions that they will be in Nutcracker costumes, of course...