Season 1 Episode 11

You Wanna See Something?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2013 on ABC Family

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  • A veteran at what? LIFE, PAL.

    (Spoilers ahead).

    I gotta be honest, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this episode. I, like many others, was very excited to see a new Amy Sherman-Palladino show come out of the gate, and like many others, I was left weirded out and disappointed. The show went steadily downhill after the pilot because apparently somebody told AS-P that the only things people liked about Gilmore Girls was the rapid fire delivery and obscure pop culture references, so that;s what Bunheads was focused on for the first ten episodes, and ignored actually getting to know the characters (when it's hard to remember the main character;s last name, THAT;S A PROBLEM) so i didn;t go into this episode with high hopes. but it was great.

    first off was the girls, where three out of four were doing things that were not only realistic, but not obnoxiously quirky. Boo is helping out her pregnant mother, Melanie is helping out her grandfather, Sasha is pretending to still be at ballet camp, (or whatever the more dignified term for ballet camp is) and Ginny is moonlighting as a real estate agent (you can guess which one pissed me off, and the show being what it is they didn;t explain how it was legal or if she was just interning, etc) and Michelle is working as a magician's assistant in the suburbs of Vegas and living with her friend who's dating an older man. fanny meanwhile has drifted and hasn;t taught ballet all summer and after watching michelle and hubble;s wedding video realizes she needs to bring her back.

    the main reason this episode has so much win was because it had so much heart (and yes, i do realize how incredibly lame that sounded). From the girls hiding Sasha to Michelle walking off stage during her performance to talk to Fanny to watching her wedding video to Sasha immediately running to hug her, it just left me with a smile on my face I haven;t felt since Barney proposed to Robin (yes, I'm aware my life is empty. Why else do people watch TV?)

    Another entry for the win column, which is something that repeatedly shot the show in the foot the first ten episodes, was that this episode had little funny moments that were great. Before the problem was there were little funny moments every twenty seconds that they forgot to actually include a story or character development or other silly things of that nature. but this episode was about the story and had the little moments thrown in and it was great, my favorites being michelle vs the internet (her calling the laptop the "type boxy thing" and her friend replying "of all the humiliating moments of your life, this is the first to go viral!") to michelle asking fanny what;s she doing in henderson and her reply "i wanna see something" (that is the title of the act michelle is in) in fanny;s line "when you get married, you get family" (literally ONE WORD different from the line she uses in gilmore girls, it;s impossible to hear this without thinking emily gilmore. SO. MUCH. WIN) to fanny telling michelle she doens;t belong in a place like the cabaret, and pointing to waiter and saying, "this person belongs in a place like this!" to michelle motioning for sasha;s man friend to leave while she and sasha are hugging to the absolutely perfect way to welcome michelle back, the cherry on top, the class doing a routine to the viral video.

    i can;t believe how much i enjoyed this episode, and how excited i am for more.

    all that;s left to say is... it;s time to dance! :)