Season 1 Episode 11

You Wanna See Something?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2013 on ABC Family



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    • Fanny: My son loved you. He wanted you to have a certain kind of life. And if I just let you stay here, and don't try to make that happen, then I am not honoring his memory. Hubbell saw something in you, but you're gonna have to see it in yourself, eventually. Otherwise… (sighs) People told me daughters were harder. I just thought it was because they could get pregnant.

    • (Michelle has just seen the video of Boo and her entitled "Nutcracker Macer – It's Time to Dance!")
      Michelle: What is this? What am I looking at?
      Talia: It's on the internet, honey.
      Michelle: Well, who else has seen this?
      (Talia points to the views tally.)
      Michelle: A million people have seen this? Oh, my god!
      Talia: Look on the bright side, of all the truly humiliating things you've done in your life, this is the first one that's gone viral. And you look super thin.

    • Talia: How was work?
      Michelle: It was magical.
      Talia: At least you're dancing.
      Michelle: In Henderson.
      Talia: Henderson's not that different from Vegas.
      Michelle: Henderson is Rob Schneider to Vegas' Daniel Day Lewis.
      Talia: It's a job.
      Michelle: The hookers look sad for me. And you don't know pathetic, till you've been pitied by a Henderson hooker. Actually, there are no official Henderson hookers, they're just Laughlin hookers passing through who stopped in to use the bathroom and thought, "Well, as long as I'm here… "

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    • Michelle: What are you going to tell the angry villagers?
      Fanny: That you are back, and if they don't like it they are free to take their children to that enormous crazy woman with the pyramid system whose students end up with knock-knees and post-traumatic stress disorder.
      Fanny references the reality television show Dance Moms and the founder of the studio the show is centered around, Abby Lee Miller.