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  • Season 1
    • First Step
      Episode 11
      A year has passed since Daikichi met Rin. He thinks about what it means to be a parent while he and Rin play at the park. He experiences firsthand just how wonderful it is to live with someone else.
    • Stomach Flu
      Episode 10
      On the way back from the town’s culture festival, Daikichi learns that Rin has a fever. Despite being encouraged by Kouki’s mother, Daikichi grows progressively more worried about Rin. He then realizes just how important Rin has become to him.
    • 9/1/11
      A large-scale typhoon is coming! When Daikichi goes to pick up Rin at the daycare center, he finds that only Rin and Kouki are still waiting there. The three go home together, although the kids are much more excited about the coming storm than Daikichi.
    • 8/25/11
      Rin’s summer vacation has started. Daikichi decides to pay his respects at Souichi’s grave together with Rin. Upon seeing a rindou flower placed in an ink bottle at the gravestone, Daikichi deduces that Masako was there mere moments ago.
    • 8/18/11
      Daikichi’s cousin, Haruko, ran away from her home along with her daughter, Reina. After talking with Haruko, however, he realizes how strong she has become over the years. He wonders what it means to marry—what it means to be family.
    • My Tree
      Episode 6
      Rin finally enters elementary school. Daikichi suggests planting a memorial tree for her. He wonders if Souichi had planted a tree for Rin after she was born. Though not his ideal solution, he seeks out Masako once more for answers...
    • 8/4/11
      The day Daikichi will meet Rin’s mother finally arrives. However, he is completely shocked when he learns what Masako is really like. As they part ways, Masako makes a specific request to Daikichi.
    • Letter
      Episode 4
      Rin is enrolled in a new, local preschool and befriends a boy named Kouki. Kouki’s mother is a single parent who also happens to be very beautiful—a combination that causes Daikichi’s heart to skip several beats.
    • 7/21/11
      Daikichi returns to his parents’ home to find clues regarding Rin’s mother’s whereabouts. Although Daikichi’s parents were against his becoming Rin’s guardian, they soften up because they cannot deny that it feels like they have a new grandchild.
    • Pinky Swear
      Episode 2
      What kind of clothes should I get her? What about dinner? What do I do about school? Daikichi is swept away by one responsibility after another. On her first day of preschool, Rin’s expression shows worry as Daikichi walks away from her to go to work.
    • 7/7/11
      Daikichi Kawachi is a 30-year-old bachelor. He meets an unfamiliar girl named Rin while at his grandfather’s funeral. He comes to find out that girl is his grandfather’s illegitimate child. There is a palpable rift between Rin and the rest of the family.