Buried Treasure

Wednesday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Aug 24, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Have Pre-Colonial Carved "Treasure" Chest

    First, Let me say... I love the show's concept and the fact it is designed to assist people in need. However, the sound mixer needs to be more aware of volume levels though as it has, at times, been very loud despite the fact there is dialogue going on at the time.

    Secondly, I have an item described above that i would love to submit photos of for the Keno to look over. The chest has been dated to the 1600's and is believed to be originally either English or belonged to someone of English descent as the family crest carved on top is of a wyvern (or Gryphon). I purchased (saved it) from a lady who is 84 yrs young and told me the chest came from the now disappeared Billingsgate Island off Wellfleet, Mass. There are additional carvings on the corner columns : one appears to be of a nobleman and the other possibly a slave. I am VERY curious if the Kenos could help or refer me to someone that could give me assistance. I cannot identify the wood type and do not know enough of old style construction and craftsmanship to offer any more thoughts. I feel I may have a historically significant piece but really need a pro's opinion.
  • Potential site for TV show

    An acquaintance is in her 90's has no computer but has lots of very old fine objects that would make an interesting show. She needs help in appraisal of her long time collection. How do we contact the Keno brothers for her?
  • Chinese stuff all over and collectin for 30 years

    Please tell me how my mother suffering from MS can get the brothers to come look through her two level every nook and cranny (literally) home to see if she has anything that will help pay bills and pay for someone to come help assist her with daily chores and cleaning. She has tow very large Chinese watch dogs - but they are not the type you see in store fronts, they were glazed in Italy or something like that and then sent to China for finishing. She has an entire basement of teak furniture with red silk coverings paintings, cups, and ivory, jade inlaid pictures but we just know nothing and have no way of understanding the markings. We LOVE the shows!!!
  • Love this Show !!

    Love the concept of this show. I admire and respect the Keno Brothers for their knowledge and enthusiasm. I want them to do more shows. I think their appraisal is fair but bottom-line is they also want the client to be happy. Always remember that their appraisal is only an appraisal until a willing buyer would pay that price. I hope they do come back on air!!
  • Lost respect

    Watching Buried Treasure ( a comic book, violin & hoarder). How could you bring a collector to a appraiser that offers to buy the item ?!?! That is not an honest appraiser nor moral. The appraiser should give auction value or fair market value. You are not showing the good side of dealers or appraisers.

  • Ohio Recluse

    Fascinating show-unhappily dialogue is overwlmed by hysterical dramatic music score for no rational reason.

    The music is so loud, we have trouble hearing the dialogue.

    Ruins an interesting program.