Burke's Law

ABC (ended 1965)





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  • This show was mainly a tongue-in-cheek 'dramedy'. After all, how realistic is it for a homicide cop to live in Beverly Hills and ride in a Rolls-Royce to work? The show was always good for a laugh and as an escape from reality. A great show for families.

    Burke's Law was one of the first shows I really enjoyed watching with my mom. Granted, I was watching reruns in the early 90's on cable, but I loved it. Yes, the plot was always the same- Amos is interrupted by a phone call and has to go off to solve a murder while leaving some poor girl in the lurch, Detective Tilson was always spouting off more information than anyone ever needed to know, and Sgt. Hart was always mildly amused by his millionaire, debonaire boss. So what if it lacked realism? Isn't that the point of watching a television show? Personally, I hope this entire series is released on DVD at some point, because I know several people who will be watching with me!