Burke's Law

ABC (ended 1965)




  • Season 1 Episode 13: Who Killed Eleanora Davis?

  • Plot continuity problem:

    When Smith reads off Eleanora's vital statistics for Burke, he mentions that she's 23 years old, lives on Euclid St. in Apt. 7A, mentions nothing about any other employment, and specifically tells Burke that the company never asks whether the models are married or not.
    Later in the same scene, Burke notifies Les that Eleanora is 26 years old, gives him the same Euclid 7A address as Eleanora's, and tells Les that Eleanora worked last year as a photographer at the 711 Club (no idea where this information came from); no mention of a husband is made.
    Les and Tim go to Euclid St. and, though Eleanora's address is Apt. 7A, they clearly go and knock on the door of a ground floor apartment in the rear. They pass Mrs. Mulligan's apartment, which is labeled 7C, and knock on 7A, which faces the rear of the building. Then they ask Mrs. Mulligan not about Eleanora Davis, but about Rudy Davis (who has never before been mentioned in anyone's conversation in the episode). Mrs. Mulligan is the person who then provides the "news" that Eleanora was married to Rudy, and that she used to work as a photographer at the 711 club.

    I think I can clear up this continuity problem somewhat: In the scene where Ormsby (Nick Adams) is talking to Burke, after he mentions that his nose has been itching lately, there is a very abrupt transition to Mr. Smith (Edward Everett Horton) re-arranging the stuffed bird. It is very likely that at least a few snatches of dialogue between Burke and Ormsby were cut out of the syndicated version I have (which was taped from the defunct Nostalgia Channel). There can't be very much left out--my version runs 51 minutes--but the topics of where Eleanora worked, and who her husband was, were probably covered in this syndicated cut. As for the age difference, Eleanora was 23 back in August 1960, and now is (was) 26. [RW]

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Who Killed Cynthia Royal?

  • "Cynthia Royal" is referred to early in the episode as being 25-years old. Later, Tim tells Burke that she and her husband had been married for 15 years.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Who Killed Julian Buck?

  • The Beverly Towers Hotel, where Francesca Bel Ami is staying, is once mistakenly referred to as The Bel Ami Towers Hotel.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Who Killed Holly Howard?

  • Buddy Lewis is billed as "Cab Driver" in the closing credits, but actually plays the construction worker who finds Holly Howard's body.

  • Michael Fox is billed as "Coroner" (his usual recurring role) in this episode, but appears as an unnamed uniformed police officer at the crime scene.

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