Burn It

BBC Three (ended 2004)


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  • Fast paced dramedy done the way only Brits can.

    Three lads slowly dawn that the Second Summer of Love is over. Mates who bonded through the hedonistic 90s rave scene via sex, drugs and techno realise that time's caught up with them and they are wandering aimlessly towards middle-age. Suddenly the realities of settling down, family responsibilities and planning for the future have caught up with them while they are sitting around pubs reliving their heyday. With behind the scenes folk who have also been involved in Casanova, Linda Green and Clocking Off, the dialogue is wonderfully naturalistic (with comically touching exchanges such as once hip Jon talks music with his newly found daughter and discovers he is no longer cool) and the dramatic action stops just short of soapie bathos. It's also refreshing to see Shameless' Chris Coghill allowed to play the cad who rips friendships apart but who also gets to reveal a tender side as well. And despite the drama and laughs mostly centring around the three pill-popping mates, the support cast of girlfriends and dealers are given just as much chance to shine. Quality.