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Burn Notice

Season 3 Episode 10

A Dark Road

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on USA
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Episode Summary

Fiona is asked for help by a widow who got caught in an insurance scam.

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  • Where is the real Michael Weston?

    Very disappointing episode. 1. Plot was semi-incoherent. Am I missing something? The idea that you go to a govt (county) Records dept. to get the list of all of your husband's doctors (which is what Michael's Mom did near the beginning) is something I've never heard of being possible. And what records was Tyne Daly reluctantly giving out near the end? Unclear to me, and why would the County have them? The whole extreme insurance scam seemed far-fetched and had no inner logic that I could see.

    2. MW has always been a consummate master at his spy-craft and only as a secondary issue was he taking on all these clients -- making use of his great skills. But in this one, he says near the end something pathetic about "people needing him". MW was always a good selfishly motivated character who down deep was seeking to do good (for his own career) and for America, and while waiting to get into his business again, for his clients. Now he sounded like a good little altruist -- "I'm needed, so I have to help". Bummer motivation.

    3. The dramatic strength of the series has always been the interaction of the three great characters, who each is superb at what they do and who they are (along with some great acting). To start focusing on the kitschy relation with the mother is a dramatic mistake.

    4. This episode almost looked like it was "phoned in", it had very little of the ongoing tidbits of voice-over narration about nitty-gritty specific techniques to accomplish some tactical advantage in the spy game.

    All in all, a real disappointment. I hope Matt Nix just had a bad day in the script room, because this has been for 2.5 seasons, the greatest dramatic series that has ever been shown on TV, and I've seen them all going back to the 1950's. Better than Have Gun Will Travel, for example, which was one of the best ever.moreless
  • Fiona asks Michael to help her with a case that had been pending. A group of fraud hit and crash drivers are strong arming a woman after her husband was killed in one of their scams. Michael looks for the killer that killed Diego and is targeting him.moreless

    Burn Notice is back for its second half of the season. Michael and team end up dealing fire with fire with an insurance scam group.

    This time around Michael reluctantly gets his Mom involved in Fiona's case and she pals around with her old partner Tyne Daly of Cagney and Lacey. She ends up getting records from her friend that can make the case against the scammers. Also because of circumstances out of their control the case goes a little south, but Michael and team have always been good at improvising.

    On the spy front, Sam and Michael are working on finding out who killed Diego, Micheal's CIA contact that was ruled a suicide by the agency. After almost being blown up and then shot numerous times Michael learns the identity of the killer and sets a meeting up for next week. Should be a lot of fun and this is obviously the under current story line for this second half of the this season.

    Entertaining and always on edge, Burn Notice delivers another superb episode and all four of the original cast are along for the ride. What a fun ride it is! Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Episode 10

    I love this show, don't get me wrong but I just don't like when the powers that be go all feminist like and do some stuff.

    Like Fionna got all enraged when Michael hit her while trying not to blow their covers a few episodes back and on this one she just hit him outta nowhere and for no reason. Not to mention, she was pretty pissed when Mike's ex-fiancé showed up and he tried to explain why he never told her about Samantha and on this one, Mike and Sam find out she had a sister although she never talked about her.. trust goes both ways, doesn't it?

    He halted the progress of clearing his burn notice by killing Strickler just to save her. Sure, she can't go back home and that was his fault but I guess saving her was more than enough to square things up, doesn't it?

    And saying that she's the boss and the guys work for her.. it usually just brings an annoyed look on guys faces but it it were the other way around.. the female character would bring the drama to a whole new level.. oh well..

    About the case. Probably not a top 5 storyline but it sure kept the team busy.

  • Burm Notice is back.

    Finally, Burn Notice has returned from its fall hiatus. Now I can randomly say, "When you're a spy," without sounding like a crazy person. Okay, that might still sound a bit crazy, but I am glad this show has returned to the airwaves.

    If you were looking for a show with a plethora of explosions and shootouts, this was not the episode for you, but if you wanted some of the show's well-written dialogue and fast-paced drama than this was a great way to kick off the rest of the season.

    The episode featured Michael's mother getting involved in the action for the first time and then getting mad at him when she discovered his helping involves hurting some people along the way. Of course they kissed and made up at the end though.\

    There's no reason anybody should not be watching Burn Notice so hopefully this episode scored huge numbers.moreless
  • Slow start...

    Thought this season opener was very lacking. It was very up and down in places. The chemistry between Michael and Fiona went back and forth, I loved it when they almost kissed and then pulled. but at other times, it seems forced. The client was just "there" this time. Michael seems less interested in this new bad guy, Gilgroy. However, thension between Michael and Madeline/Mom over all of this was very well done. Poor use of Tyne Daly, I hope that they use her again in some future episode. Michael just does not seem to be the spy that he used to be.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Guest star Tyne Daly and lead star Sharon Gless were partners for 6 of the 7 seasons of Cagney and Lacey.

    • Featured Music:
      "Miami Nights" by Johannes Linstead (Opening scenes)
      "Bolitas De Arroz Con Pollo" by Jose Conde (Michael enters the hotel)
      "Hard To Smile" by Imperial Vipers (Precision driving)
      "Amor Es Vida" by Suzanne Morales (Update briefing with Calia)
      "Drop Down" by Keith Hillebrandt (Michael meets Connor)
      "Xtreme" by Jeff Biebuyck (Michael and Ryan on the job)
      "Mute Force" by Braden Kimball, Josh Johnson (Michael at the stadium)
      "Check It Out" by Daniel Lenz (Fiona plants a bug)
      "Flesh It Out" by Blues Saraceno (The train scam)
      "The Burn Side" by Methodic Doubt (Car crash operation)
      "Un Dia En La Vida (Instrumental)" by La Verdad (Calia thanks Michael and Fiona)

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Fiona: You know... after the other day, I never really did get a chance to actually say... well, not that I have any doubt in my mind that I would have saved myself eventually and I still think that your tactical approach was a little iffy. But you and Sam... you did come back for me. You gave up a lot to come back for me whether I needed it or not.
      Michael: You're welcome, Fi.

  • NOTES (4)