Burn Notice

Season 7 Episode 6

All or Nothing

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 18, 2013 on USA

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  • Michael continues down his dark path

    It's the episode's final scene between Michael and Sonia that is going to raise the ire of some fans, but this episode continues forcing Michael down a dangerous path as the half-truths he makes for his cover continue to blur over into his real life.

    In this episode Michael, Sam, Jesse, and Fiona help Sonia take down the hacker syndicate that betrayed her and got the spy thrown into a Russian black site. The job is harder than expected, especially after Michael gets trapped inside, but with a little late Sam and Jesse magic things turn out fine in the end.

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  • All or Nothing

    Not really any good storylines in this one, but still a good episode of Burn Notice. Sonya has been a great addition to the cast (obviously Alona Tal's appearance doesn't hurt) and the show is still creating strong content with only a few episodes left.

    Not memorable, but still fun.
  • The Season That Is Breaking All The Rules

    I've watched Burn Notice since the first season. For the majority of its run on USA, it's been a relatively straight forward and at times even predictable show. There was always the plot arc of Michael trying to get his old job back, interspersed with the episode to episode helpless person who needed the team's help. Seasons 5 and 6 saw a change to all that, and Season 7 has taken that old routine and set fire to it like Michael's old loft. Almost nothing about this show is the same, and episodes that are reminiscent of how the show used to be seem more nostalgic than a serious return to the previous pattern. As a fan I feel connected to all of these characters (as I think would be unavoidable when you get a look into a fictional person's life for so long), and it's tough to see Michael appearing to continue down a path that destroys every vestige of the character that he has been since he came to Miami. We knew he was different and did some pretty terrible and questionable things when he was a spy, but the Michael of Miami seemed able to control that side of himself, with Maddie and Sam and Jesse and Fiona to help. Now, the gloves are off and one kind of wonders if Michael has really been this way all along, if this is really who he is (borderline sociopath-ish), or if he's been driven to this point, looking over the ledge with nothing to hold onto anymore to keep him from falling. Could Michael ever really move on from his job, or is this life really all he is ever going to have until he dies? In the end, it'll probably all be nicely resolved and everyone will be happy (maybe, who knows). But the fact that for the first time Burn Notice is even allowing us to question whether or not a happy ending is even an option proves that this show is determined to go out in a way that only Burn Notice truly could: with an unforgettable bang.