Burn Notice

Season 5 Episode 10

Army of One

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 25, 2011 on USA

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  • It must be Pretender week at Burn Notice. Last week was Sydney's turn and this week Jarod turns up pretending to run a gang of criminals that has beeninfiltratedby Michael Westen. Maybe next episode Miss Parker might drop by...


    Michael infiltrates a gang of criminals out to rob a billionaire. This
    was a great let's pretend that some 'John McClane' is out there
    killing the bad guys. I know it's all about Micahel Westen but, it
    was great to see 'The Pretender' again - to hear that voice.

    I get that Michael is playing the guilty inside-man like 'No Way Out' and trying to stay ahead of the investigation and the actual bad guys. But i seem to have lost interest in the overall arc.

    Hopefully - someintensitywill return

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    I think there is only one more episode left until the show takes its hiatus which is disappointing as B Note is really hitting its stride this year and dispelling a notion I have that TV shows can't be this good this late into their run.

    "Army of One" revisits the hostage crisis, but with a new twist as Michael was in on it. Surprised they actually had Michael lose the fight to the guy that looked like the pool boy from Seinfeld, but it does make the show more realistic when that happens.

    Nice drama, nice action, could have used more Sam and Jesse, but overall a strong episode.