Burn Notice

Season 2 Episode 13

Bad Breaks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on USA

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  • The Bank Robber

    I love it, Michael old enemy comes back for revenge and sets up Barry to get to him, both of them get trapped with the bank robber that Michael thought was a stalker of his clients. They try to find a way to escape the bank and Michael shows off his skills as a spy to defuse the situation. Very good episode.
  • Another Great Installment

    Agent Bly is back in town and is after Mike to get the file he has on him. He uses Barry who is tracking down information for Mike to set him up. Bly is following Mike where ever he goes. Mike, at the request of his mom takes the case a young woman named Paula who thinks she is being stalked by a man named Prescott. Paula calls Mike telling him that Prescott is at has been circling the building she is in and looking in. Mike dispatches to her workplace and it turns out to be a bank. Bly is following Mike and walks into the bank. Prescott enters with a group of men to rob it. Bly gets shot in the arm after trying to stop them. Mike says he is a doctor and need to help him. They let Mike go and get the things needed to get the bullet out of Bly's arm. While out there he gets a message to Sam an Fiona and sets some traps for the robbers. Mike and Bly get the upper hand and Prescott ends up in police custody.

    Mike an Bly become friendlier after this and Mike gives Bly the file he has on him and Bly tries to trace an account for Mike. Bly tells him it had a trigger on it, so whoever he is going after knows it.

    This was a great episode as always. Even though Mike and Agent Bly were enemies they came together so spoil the bank robbery and helped each other in the end.
  • trapped in a bank heist; the enemy of my enemy is my friend...

    Great episode. Good performances from cast and guests, nice spy plot and lots of inventive spy maneuverings as Michael surreptitiously subverted the robbers' operation and watched protectively over a flock of helpless bank personnel. Nice bonding between Michael and the other spy guy that he previously blackmailed, who proved himself to be somewhat of a caring hero as well (although I can't immediately remember his previous plot - like why he and MW are fighting in the first place... I could have used a helpful flashback). Nice little scene with Michael and his Mom near the end. Earlier on, I laughed when Madeline said she was glad to see Michael out of his loft as it did not seem a healthy place, and then exhaled a big cloud of smoke in his face. Sharon Gless does the un-selfreflective smoker very well. And I like how, for all the danger MW faces, he still finds being around second hand tobacco smoke to be a cringe-worthy experience. Sam and Fi's schoolyard-like competition for Michael's approval was funny. Bruce seems to be back in top form - he seemed apathetic to me for a while but he has a spark again. yay bruce. 940
  • Jason Bly comes by and brings entertainment AND Roma Lampkin too!

    Plot Synopsis (S02E13) – Michael and the troublesome Agent Jason Bly are trapped together during a bank robbery. Despite Bly's original intentions to force Michael to forfeit blackmail materials, the pair must work together to survive the robbery.

    I was seriously worried that this would be clichéd or boring, but Michael doing his spy thing while trapped in a bank was a great change of pace, and a lot of fun to watch! Plus, seeing Sam doing his spy thing is always a glorious thing to watch.

    More Thoughts on 'Bad Breaks': - Mark Sheppard (Romo Lampkin) was so much fun to watch in this role. He's everywhere lately and I wouldn't have it any other way!
    - The interaction with Fi/Sam was great too, love how they bicker over Michael!
    - Love that Burn Notice has turned into a half way house for BSG stars, who else would work on Burn Notice from BSG I wonder – Jamie Bamber (Lee)? Or maybe Baltar!

    Bottom Line: So much fun!!

    Next week: Haitian murderers

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  • Mike gets trapped in a bank during a heist, and Agent Bly is along for the ride!

    Die Hard - in a Bank! Season 2.5 needed an amazing episode like this! The return of favorite (good?) 'baddie' Jason Bly was a happy turn of events, as I always liked the Yin/Yang of Michael/Bly, and the show did not do enough with these two butting heads in Season 1. The 'Bank job' story has been done by many shows/films, but this took on a fresh view, with Michael being sneaky and covert rather than just shooting up the robbers one by one, and risking the hostages. Having Michael sabotage the heist piece by piece, while Sam and Fi fumbled about outside as back up made for an excellent story line, and fantastic episode! Definitely my favorite of Season 2, and one of my series faves.
  • This is an excellent episode.

    I have to say "WOW". This is an excellent episode. The primary plot: Michael trying to find out more about the secret bank account number in Cayman Islands steps back and the secondary plot takes the lead. It basically happens in all episodes of Burn Notice, but this second plot is one of the best ones. Michael has to operate in a smaller place, less time and with less equipment. Michael is an experienced operative and he can deal with almost any situation, but he could lose this time if it was not for Sam and Fiona's help. This story is very well-written and I am looking forward to seeing the next one.
  • This season is getting really good.

    Prior to Burn Notice's triumphant return in January I read various reports and critics citing that the show was in the dreaded sophomore slump. Where are those detractors now?

    Burn Notice is just outdoing nearly everything else on TV right now as this was yet another thrilling edition of America's favorite spy drama. The bank holdup situation has been done to death. It was just done on Psych a few months ago (in fact Dule Hill actually appears in a commercial where there's one taking place for DirecTV, but I digress). Well, Burn Notice found a way to keep things fresh. My jaw actually hit the floor when it was revealed that the hostages were to be moved into the vault to be killed. I knew Michael would save the day, but for that split second I was absolutely hooked.

    And of course Sam Axe seems to get funnier every week. His conversations with "one of the women in his dreams" and Fiona were excellent here. He's just another relatable character and one of the reasons Burn Notice probably put on the best episode of any show this week.