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Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 11

Blind Spot

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2010 on USA
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Episode Summary

Michael finds the man behind the Bible book code, so he and Jesse try to get him on their track. In the middle of all this, Fiona takes on a client, a woman seduced by a scam artist.

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  • The BIble has a buyer. Jesse has his burner.

    Finally! The soap opera is over and the big "secret" has been revealed. Not a moment too soon, as I was frankly losing my patience with it. As if constant abuse from Fiona wasn't enough, now even Michael's mother was in on the illogical harassment of Michael, as if Jesse was this great guy that Michael was victimizing. Jesse had already said numerous times that he was going to kill whoever burned him. So, that made the choices pretty simple: you either keep lying to the man or put a bullet in his head. After the horsemanure of last episode, I was about ready to turn it off when Michael's mother got into her rant. Fortunately, Chuck Finley was there to save most the day. Love that guy. His whole turn as a womanizer in order to get the other womanizer was the strength of the episode until the end.

    Fiona and Jesse make out to mask their cover. We've never seen that done before. Oh wait, we've seen it done 100 times before. Frankly, the whole Fiona-Jesse thing was just another reason to put a bullet in Jesse's head as far as I'm concerned. I did like when Fiona wanted to just kill the womanizer though. I dug that. Apparently she didn' t mind the idea of life in prison. Obviously, it was a great choice to have Robert Patrick as Barrett. That certainly adds some gravity to that bad guy. He and Michael are on a collision course, and hopefully he will be handled better than the last big bad guy was handled. As for the ending, as I already mentioned, I was so fed up with Fiona's attacks on Michael over Jesse and her and Jesse's psuedo-relationship, that part of me actually wanted Jesse to pull the trigger on Fiona. Obviously, it was never going to happen though. If he would have, he was a dead man. This allows him the chance for redemption. Personally, I would prefer he got the bullet.moreless
  • 411

    The latest episode of Burn Notice brings the laughs (Chuck!) but more importantly it brought an impacting, suspenseful ending, the kind few shows not titled Breaking Bad can do. Jesse found out what happened to him and he had a gun pointed at Fiona before wandering off, most likely to start his revenge plot on Michael. Coby Bell is listed with the main cast now so the educated guess is that he will eventually make piece with the Miami Big Three (Michael, Fiona and Sam not LeBron, Bosh and Wade) and it should not be interesting to see how that happens at least.

    But the actual storyline in this episode was enjoyable. Bruce Campbell played off their victim well, and it just moved at the right pace. A Robert Patrick guest spot is never a bad thing either.

    Two thumbs up for tonight's Burn Notice.moreless
  • The chickens come home to roost

    Much like the previous episode, we have a handful of season arc elements as the frame, with a stand-alone case as the central narrative thrust. It's not necessarily what I would prefer, but it does keep the story moving forward, especially at the very end.

    As long predicted, Jesse's discovery of Team Westen's role in his burn notice did not go well. And he saw Fiona's involvement as a personal betrayal, based on whatever feelings for him he imagined she had. As tense as the final scene was, with the potential for Jesse to derail the confrontation with Barrett in any number of disastrous ways, I can't say I was too worried for Fi. After all, they weren't going to have Jesse kill or gravely wound her. That's not how these things work.

    The central case was a bit of a disappointment. I enjoy watching Bruce Campbell play a role with actual meat to it, but he works much better when he has someone else in a scene to keep it all grounded. Michael, Fiona, and Jesse have fulfilled that role perfectly. But for much of the episode, Sam was interacting with a guest star that rivaled his ability to chew the scenery, so it just didn't work as well for me.

    And so, as always, it is the overarching story that works best for me. I like how the impending doom of the situation was driven home throughout the episode. Michael's mother preparing to leave before it all comes to a head, the constant reinforcement that the entire team will be needed to have a prayer with Barrett, all followed by Jesse's meltdown. It promises to make a bad situation a thousand times worse, and that sets up one hell of a great summer finale!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Sam: I guess it's time to go someplace where you won't be interrupted by Canasta.
      Canasta is a card game of the rummy family of games believed to be a variant of 500 Rum.

    • Featured Music:
      "Arrive Act One" by Methodic Doubt Music (Opening scenes)
      "Clubbing With Castro" by Grand Slam Music (Opening scenes)
      "The North Bank" by Machine Vandals (Michael calls Barrett)
      "Me Tienes Vilgilado" by Los Niches (Madeline complains)
      "Born To Rumble" by Russell Howard (Booby trap)
      "El Café" by Latin Pulse Music (Sam and Fiona watch Charles)
      "Hey Oh" by Daniel Lenz (At the nightclub)
      "This Will Never Be" by Beat Chamber (At the nightclub)
      "Dance Dance Dance" (Instrumental) by Bellringer feat. Irene Hart (At the nightclub)
      "Spin Us Out" by Beat Chamber (At the nightclub, part two)
      "All Points" by Bizzy Carl (The kiss)
      "MDV- Caliente Salsa 15" by Latin Pulse Music (Sam meets Charles)
      "Demolition" by Jeff Biebuyck (Building a listening device)
      "Grey Pulse" by Methodic Doubt (Fiona defends Emily)
      "Money Break" by Apple Trax (Another blackout)
      "Stud Sensor" by Stephen Greaves (Michael convinces Charles to pay)
      "Cool Gooves" by Apple Trax (Sam reveals the plan to Charles)
      "Knelt (Remix)" by DJ Kambo (Madeline leaves)
      "The United Bond" by Machine Vandals (Barrett's in town)

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Michael: (voice-over) When your surveillance is about to be blown, you have two choices. You can run, or you can stay put and make it look like you have a reason to be there.

    • Michael: (voice-over) To create a blank spot in someone's memory, you need to be equal parts drinking buddy and amateur chemist. First, you need the target to party enough to make your story believable the next day. At the same time, you need to gauge their tolerance so you can combine just the right amount of alcohol with just the right amount of pharmaceutical assistance.

    • Michael: (voice-over) Spies spend plenty of time with sociopaths and criminals. But sometimes it's even more dangerous to hang out with their victims. Letting your emotions get the best of you can threaten the entire operation.

    • Fiona: So, you and Jesse are poking Barrett with a stick. Why does the phrase sitting ducks come to mind?
      Michael: Jesse and I are pretty well-armed ducks.
      Fiona: (smirks) I hope so.

  • NOTES (1)