Burn Notice

Season 7 Episode 4

Brother In Arms

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2013 on USA
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    Burn Notice "Brothers in Arms" Review: Cuban Mission Crisis

    "Brothers in Arms" wisely combined emotional revelation with explosive sacrifice, both of which further illuminated Michael Westen’s path to the end.

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    Burke once again recruits Michael and his team to break Sonya out of a Russian prison based Havana. But Michael's past with the Russians give them a hard time.

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    • Brother in Arms

      Some shocking moments in this one, and a really good singular-focused storyline that saw the gang have to use a little bit of deceit, and a bit of luck, to get out from.

      Yet another strong Season 7 episode.
    • Who is Sonya?

      Michael ropes Jesse and Sam into helping Burke with another mission. This time it's extracting a prisoner from an impenetrable secret Russian prison in Cuba. Unable to use a direct assault Michael walks right in the front door and works to sell his enemies on a story of a mole in their midst and an imminent CIA attack. To help sell the lie he'll need the help of both Sam and Jesse as well as that of Fiona and Maddie back in Miami to have each pair of friends kidnap someone to help sell the lie.

      "Brothers in Arms" is another solid episode that ends with a couple of twists that leave Michael, Jesse, and Sam stuck in Cuba with their mission incomplete and no way to contact Burke's people. Alona Tal joins the show as Burke's mystery woman, but we'll have to wait until next week to discover who she is and why she was worth Burke sacrificing his own life to get her out of a Russian prison.

      You can find my full recap and review (with pics) at RazorFinemoreless
    • horrible

      this show has gone as south as it can is no story justification of any would even a burned spy work for burk and why would his friends ( supposedly crooks)work for week they were master thieves and now they specialize in would a top Russian agent even after finding a mole in his organization leave his whole fuccin army behind and get ready to take their most valuable asset and go with an old enemy.. He still has a huge army on his beck and call episodes are just getting stupider by the week, not watching this show anymoremoreless
    JB Blanc

    JB Blanc

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    Ricardo Antonio Chavira

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    Adrian Pasdar

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    Alona Tal


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    Jack Coleman

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      • Michael: (voiceover) Ironically, one of the best times to go after enemies is just after they think they've beaten you. No one expects an attack while they're still basking in the glow of victory. The key is to use the opponent's overconfidence. The more comfortable they are that they can handle any threat, the more likely it is they'll leave themselves vulnerable.

      • Michael: (voiceover) Standard protocol for leaving a covert base is to destroy anything of intelligence value. Computer hard drives are smashed. Documents are shredded or burned. Bottom line, if you need to convince someone they found an abandoned CIA operations center, you've got to make a serious mess. But, of course, none of that will do much good if you get caught making that mess.

      • Michael: (voiceover) The trick to making someone look like a spy is to strike just the right balance between tradecraft that's good enough to be convincing but bad enough to be detected. One of the easiest techniques makes use of cell phone GPS. If you know the phone is monitored you can lay down a digital trail all over town, and it will lead straight to your target.

      • Michael: (voiceover) When an undercover cop wears a wire, it's often more for safety than for intelligence gathering. If the Op goes bad, his support team can pull him out. For a spy wearing a wire, those priorities are reversed. What matters is the intelligence. If the Op goes bad, your support team just listens to you die.

      • Michael: (voiceover) When you're planning to smuggle a listening device into a facility where you know you'll be searched, choosing where to hide it can be a life-or-death decision. Not only do you want to conceal it in a place where no one will think to look but also in a place no one will want to look.

      • Michael: (on the phone) Fi, I need your help.
        Fiona: Michael, I have spent the last year trying to put my life back together. What was left of it. Now things are good. I-I can't drop everything when you call. Not anymore.
        Michael: You're right. And I'm sorry I--
        Fiona: Michael, look--
        Michael: Let me finish, please. I'm sorry I made a promise that things were gonna change and then I broke that promise. You deserve better. I'm glad you have that now.
        Fiona: What do you need?

      • Michael: (voiceover) When you work undercover, the first question you have to ask yourself is how far you're willing to go to accomplish the mission. The trick is to make the people you're working for believe that those lines don't exist, that you're willing to do absolutely anything for them no matter how horrible. The only way to get through a mission like that is to remind yourself that to stop a monster, sometimes you have to pretend to be one.

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