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About 6 episodes into season 5, and I've gotten used to Jessie being around, but I just found out that currently in the 7th season Michael and Fiona aren't together! I'm not sure why they're not together, but I want them to be together! Do you think it'll happen in the remaining 6 episodes? Are you a fan of Michael/Fiona (Fioneal)?

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I prefer Miona (MEEH-OOHH-NA).
Jesse settles in nicely. You'll get used to him and eventually wonder why he wasn't in ALL seasons on BN.
As for the barrel full of napalm that is Miona, we'll, the show does a very good job in laying it all out as to how their break up came to be. But you know what they say..break up to make up and all that.
They're running out of time, I'm just hoping it's not going to be like a LAST 5 MINUTES OF THE LAST EPISODE makeup.
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