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USA (ended 2013)
Sep 07, 2013
Fiona's best Genesis Coupe line was in "Sea Change"
"We'll have to get there fast." - Jesse Porter
"Whose car are we taking?" - Sam Axe
"Do you have to ask?" - Fiona Glenanne, totally deadpan and badass.

Fiona's relationship with this red, redressed Hyundai has been more sedate than her original blue model (probably not owning to Hyundai's rather unflattering redress of their mk2 Genesis Coupe, but I'd like to think so) but that moment in the penultimate Burn Notice episode was absolutely awesome.
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Aug 14, 2013
True Love, You Guys!

About 6 episodes into season 5, and I've gotten used to Jessie being around, but I just found out that currently in the 7th season Michael and Fiona aren't together! I'm not sure why they're not together, but I want them to be together! Do you think it'll happen in the remaining 6 episodes? Are you a fan of Michael/Fiona (Fioneal)?

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Spies don't get fired; they get burned. Michael Westen has received a "burn notice". Dumped in his hometown of Miami, Florida, he's been left in the cold with no money, no job and no information. With no job history, cash or credit, he becomes a private eye with the skills he picked up as an intelligence operative. With the help of his old friend, the drinking, womanizing Sam Axe, and his gun-running, trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Fiona, he makes people's problems go away. But when he's done, Michael's biggest problem becomes finding out who burned him and trying to get back into the game. Burn Notice is produced by FOX Television Studios in association with Fuse Entertainment and filmed on locations in Miami.