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and then we came to the end
Sep 13, 2013
Burn Notice Series Finale Review: My Name Is Michael Westen
"Reckoning" said goodbye to fans in a way that was fun, intense, and emotional all at once. Just like a good mission with the Burn crew should be.
Sep 06, 2013
Burn Notice "Sea Change" Review: The Danger of Caring
In presenting an overwhelmed hero who had betrayed his friends for a more difficult path, this meaty, emotional hour benefitted by examining the dark side of what it means to be such a regularly solitary force.
spies are people too
Aug 23, 2013
Burn Notice "Tipping Point" Review: Simon Says
"Tipping Point" succeeded by having our hero once again question the true nature of the CIA alongside his own.
carlos revealed
Aug 16, 2013
Burn Notice "Things Unseen" Review: Reaching Balance
In fleshing out Carlos and focusing on the increasing risk of Michael’s involvement with James, "Things Unseen" benefitted from two strong, thematically linked stories.
make it count, show
Aug 09, 2013
Burn Notice "Bitter Pill" Review: Another Mission
This was a serviceable episode, one that did the bare minimum in advancing this final season toward its end.
What is Michael's main struggle?
Aug 02, 2013
Burn Notice "Nature of the Beast" Review: Draw Grandma a Cigarette
In "Nature of the Beast," we learned James’ real name (I was wrong to guess McGillicutty Esq.), and with it, some disturbing details concerning his past.
changes welcome?
Aug 01, 2013
USA Network Feels a Little Different These Days... What Do You Think So Far?

Of all the networks on TV, USA is my favorite. It's not the "best," in that it doesn't air the shows that win Emmys or top critics' year-end lists. But I've always admired the way USA changed its approach to program development during the "Characters Welcome" era (which basically affected every show that followed Monk and The Dead Zone, but especially took hold after the successful launch of Psych). For more than a decade, USA has put a lot of effort into understanding its audience, and into creating the kind of shows that fit that audience. Sure, a lot of USA series can feel same-y, especially in their debut seasons, but quite often, they go on to become some of the more underrated shows on television. In fact, I'd argue that Monk, Burn Notice, White Collar, and Suits have, at different points in their lifespans, belonged ...

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Who's up for a vision quest?
Jul 26, 2013
Burn Notice "Psychological Warfare" Review: Firewalk With Me
"Psychological Warfare" was like getting shrunk down and injected into Michael Westen's spy genes at the very moment they came into existence.
Steamy is as steamy does
Jul 19, 2013
Burn Notice "All or Nothing" Review: Miami Heart Attack
"All or Nothing" combined the awkwardness of ex-lover reunions and the pain of a socially isolating career while still maintaining a fun tone on the way to a sexy, devastating breakdown for our hero.
Jul 12, 2013
Burn Notice "Exit Plan" Review: Myth and Westen
"Exit Plan" focused almost entirely on the escape of mystery character Sonya and her equally stunning huntress Oksana, which didn’t offer the most complicated story, but had plenty of gorgeous cheekbones and explosions to distract from Fiona’s weak—though momentous—B-story back home.
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Spies don't get fired; they get burned. Michael Westen has received a "burn notice". Dumped in his hometown of Miami, Florida, he's been left in the cold with no money, no job and no information. With no job history, cash or credit, he becomes a private eye with the skills he picked up as an intelligence operative. With the help of his old friend, the drinking, womanizing Sam Axe, and his gun-running, trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Fiona, he makes people's problems go away. But when he's done, Michael's biggest problem becomes finding out who burned him and trying to get back into the game. Burn Notice is produced by FOX Television Studios in association with Fuse Entertainment and filmed on locations in Miami.