Burn Notice

Season 5 Episode 1

Company Man

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 23, 2011 on USA

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  • Awesome Episide

    My DH & I LOVED this episode!!! We've been catching up on this series, a few episodes a night and it's a fantastic, fun, exciting series! This episode changed things up a lot! First, we weren't sure if he was back in the CIA as a "company man" or not, going after the people the burned him, but that was OK. We loved the addition of Grant Shaw, and the chemistry between them was great - almost as good as between Michael & Fi or Michael and Sam. Glad Jesse was back and it looks like he's mostly forgiven Michael, which is also great. I wish Michael had gotten to interrogate the head guy, that would have been interesting, but it was not to be. We loved the way he interrogated the #2 guy - it was really good, and funny, too. Loved that Fi & Sam disobeyed "orders" and helped save the mission. I wish they'd been able to be in the episode more, but, hey, everyone deserves a break (the actors, I mean!). I'm not sure if I want Michael to be back in the CIA. Yes, it was cool seeing him interact with the other spooks, and teach them a thing or 2. It was also refreshing to have something a little different, as shows on this many seasons can get stale. This show hasn't because of the chemistry and skill of the actors and the excellent writing. Maybe a blending of the CIA stuff and doing jobs with his gang, plus lots of love scenes with Mike & Fi would be a great Season 5.
  • WHAT?! I hope this is NOT the way this shows continues because it's going to suck in no time.

    WHAT?! I hope this is NOT the way this shows continues because it's going to suck in no time.

    This episode was bad!
    The writing has deteriorated. The acting has gotten abysmal. And what's with the new hairdo?!! The soundtrack has changed....
    It's way too wordy. "He didn't see me coming when I took down his entire organization" ??? WHAT??! RIGHT!!!
  • Company Man

    Finally, Burn Notice is back. The wait has been torture for B Note fans and I would like to say the season premiere was worth the wait, but it was not. As frustrated as Michael was with his lack of answers, viewers were equally irked with the time jump, the unoriginal plot, and the same old cliched head honcho character we have been getting on a rotating basis for years now. Some fun action, maybe a line or two that got a chuckle out of me, but a bit too slow-moving for Burn Notice. Too similar to a lot of the other shows on this network.

    And Coby Bell was on screen for what, thirty seconds? Not bad at all tonight, but I know that I was let down and I doubt I was the only one of the show's six million or so viewers to feel that way.
  • Awesome way to kick things off. (Spoiler Alert)

    Season 4 left us at a pretty heavy place. Michael just found out he was back in with the CIA after 4 seasons of helping the little guy and little jobs / convos with the people that burned him. All of this ultamately led up to him finding the list of all the people in that organization, and Vaughn (not very happy with that) came to kill him in the Season 4 finale. Things pick up 6 months after the shocking revelation of the season 4 finale, and we find out a lot has happened with Michael's duties in the CIA. He's being going around the world, dismantling the organization that burned him brick by brick. Now in this episode, there is one guy left.

    The usual routine "client" of this episode was replaced with a CIA Mission, giving us an hour of Burn Notice mythology that we finally need in an episode that's not the finale. (Seriously, that client in Season 4's premeir really rouined it for me).

    In this episode we see that Burn Notice is changing, and in my opinion, for the better. Miami was only a small setting in this episode, because most of the action took place in a Canadian Intelligence Office and a secret hideout in Venezuala. I like it better than the formulatic Burn Notice we've come to know and love. The death of the final person on the list of people that burned him means the CIA has everyone else. I'm assuming that includes Vaughn, Management, and all the other guys we've heard about over the years.

    I'm sure some people will disagree, but I think Burn Notice Season 5 had an awesome beginning and was absolutely worth the wait. I'm very excited to see what happens next and how the writers take the story off from here considering the season just started, yet it seems as if the show's story arcs from the past 4 seasons have just ended.

    Bravo, Burn Notice.
  • Starts Off Running...

    First, it's great to finally have season 5 beginning. That said, there's a serious time lapse between last season's "live or die" episode and the episode here. Normally there's a quick recap and bring the viewer up to the present...Not here! We're placed in some non-descript future tense right away. I thought the final episode was pretty intense and dramatic, didn't it deserve a mention?

    What's right with season 5's start is in a nutshell we're treated to everything that we've become comfortable with and love. What's wrong with that is there is little originality to really set the hook and provide a mysterious thread to latch on to. Everything is just too "by the numbers". The begrudingly curmudeon boss, the usual team that is isn't suppose to be there, but is. Come on, show some inspiration. Even though this may have that "been there, done that" feel Burn Notice is still refreshingly good in a TV landscape that desparately needs good. Here's hoping that good evolves more toward great as the season progresses.