Burn Notice

Season 5 Episode 13

Damned If You Do

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2011 on USA

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  • Anson's next task for micheal leads him to a private island where a hacker is in hiding


    A good ep that left a nasty taste in the mouth. Micheal has a meeting with pierce at the cia for security clearance, which Anson knows about.Which leads micheal to porta rico (pardon the spelling) to find a hacker who created a computer virus to clean all online traces of a person/company.

    Micheal kidnaps oswald to get the virus but needs to find the access cards with a drug dealer ( writers lacking imagination ) hot on his tail, sam and jesse rope in madelyn to help check the police case on fi concerning the consulate bombing (larry final scene ?)

    Anson is a twisted sickning s o b, i do not like watching him, the past bad guys had a certain charm and where a joy to watch in their arrogance of being unbeatable, but anson just seems so over the top and nasty (maybe its the actor) but i hope mike and co get rid of him soon.

    Obviously mike will beat him but at what cost ? so far all the moves mike makes anson 'knows'

    now as for the cia are we to believe a prize asset like mike isn't under 24 hour watch ?

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    Just what I need, ANOTHER good show to have to watch on Thursdays. Nah, Burn Notice's return is welcome and they delivered another solid show with the right amount of action and the right amount of time devoted to the continuing story arc of Michael working to protect Fiona. Most shows get old really fast, but Burn Notice continues to be in its prime 5 seasons in. This was a great way to return from the hiatus and there's no reason the show can't keep on keeping on for a few more years if they continue to deliver this quality.