Burn Notice

Season 5 Episode 12

Dead to Rights

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2011 on USA

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    The season finales of Burn Notice are almost always good and while I won't say that this stopped that trend I will content that this episode could have been considerably better. The agent gave in to Michael's request for one last mission way too early after she was ready to arrest him, and the heist ended way too early in the episode. Frankly, and this is a rarity, but the episode was a little poorly structured. While it had all the elements you love about the show I can't give it more than a 7/10.

  • Westen takes desperate measures to clear himself of Max's murder and then is abducted by Larry to help him pull a job.


    An excellent piece of legerdemain. Refreshingly, this Burn Notice finale did not feature Westen and crew holed up somewhere against a better armed group of henchmen trying to get at them. The mystery of Max's murder is resolved in the first few minutes and Michael is sent on his way by his angry handler, who's feeling betrayed. Then Michael is abducted by his old "friend" Larry and blackmailed into helping him pull a job.

    All the while this is going on, a viewer couldn't be faulted for wondering why the mystery of Max's murder (which had been a plot thread through most of the season) was resolved so quickly and why the writers had moved on to an unrelated plot line so quickly. Also, where was this story with the diplomatic pouch going, especially after the truly shocking plot twist involving Larry's hostage? Well, patience is a virtue, and viewers' patience was rewarded by a conclusion that not only managed to tie the disparate parts of this episode together, but threads from the season as a whole. It also put the "burn notice" back in the series, although the eight episodes coming in November may be a good time to end it. Usually, one has some inkling of how seemingly unrelated plot threads go together, but this time it was a total surprise while making sense in retrospect. It was like watching a Burn Notice in reverse, in which Westen and Fiona were the marks. The best part was the "angry dad" dialogue between Larry and Westen that ran through the episode and tied into the meeting on the beach in the last scene. The weakest stuff was Fiona's reaction to being blackmailed. Somehow, her being reduced to asking "What do you want" didn't seem very Fiona-like (as opposed to threatening to shoot the blackmailer).

    While I could wait until next summer to see where the series goes from here, this episode tied up the plot lines from the season so far and left me anticipating the next few episodes.