Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 11

Desperate Measures

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on USA
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    Burn Notice's Mid-season Premiere: Model Citizen, Zero Discipline

    Burn Notice came back the only way it knows how: full force and chockablock with a blueprint for future intrigue.

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    The crew hijack a private plane to get out of Panama but they pick the wrong plane. Tyler Gray continues to thwart Michael's plans.

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    • desperate meaures

      thrilling episode. Tyler showed a different person at the end. Michael was also strong for not killing him.
    • Desperate Measures

      Seeing the gang stuck in foreign territory and really trying to escape and trying to hide from the government at the same time made for compelling television.

      Burn Notice needed this mid-season premiere to be a big deal, and it was just that: a big deal. A very well-done episode here, and kept me excited from start to finish.
    • spoilers

      The slow first half of the doubleheader. Mike forming an alliance with Grey was semi-expected, but I still enjoyed his transformation from cold-blooded mercenary to enlightened teammate. His remorse for killing Nate felt genuine. One of my favorite guest characters in the series.

      It's a bit of a let down that while Desperate Times had such a turbulent ending, the follow-up almost immediately led into Burn Notice at its most formulaic. The A plot, getting out of Panama, is stalled for almost the length of an episode, because Mike and Tyler have been kidnapped by a drug kingpin who thinks they're out to screw him. The rest of team Westen has to break out. Standard stuff here.

      Unremarkable episode, probably my least favorite of season 6 so far.moreless

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      • Michael: (voice-over) In the spy world, few moves can be as game-changing as turning your target's trusted asset into your trusted asset. If it works, you have the ultimate prize, a double agent. If it doesn't work, people end up dead.

      • Michael: (voice-over) The problem with a trojan-horse strategy is that sneaking yourself across enemy lines is only half the battle. If you make your move at the wrong moment, your brilliant scheme quickly turns into suicide. Ultimately, you just have to wait for a lull in the action, move fast, and keep everyone quiet.

      • Michael: (voice-over) An anti-vehicle mine is only effective if it stops your target, which means knocking out the engine block or a wheel. If you're short on supplies, a heavy-gauge slug and some smaller metal projectiles should do the trick, as long as you guess correctly where the target will be.

      • Michael: (voice-over) Hiding personal feelings when coming face-to-face with an enemy is one of the biggest challenges for any operative. The trick is to mask one emotion with another, hiding anger with excitement, for example, or ice-cold hatred with motherly concern.

      • Michael: (voice-over) They say, "whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." But when it comes to torture devices, that's pretty much never true. The picana electrica delivers shocks at only 1/1,000 of an amp. It's completely non-lethal, but at 15,000 volts, it's so painful, you wish it was.

      • Michael: (voice-over) F.A.A. security makes it nearly impossible to break into the air-traffic-control system remotely, but hackers have a saying "physical access is total access." The best way to erase computerized records on an incoming flight is to put yourself in the same room as the computer.

      • Michael: (voice-over) One of the biggest problems for any drug smuggler is the drug-detection dog. Their noses can be up to 10,000 times more sensitive than a human's, which makes it necessary to mask the smell with something else. In Colombia, that means coffee. In Panama, it's often the catch of the day.

      • Michael: (voice-over) Efficient cocaine-smuggling operations can process, package, and distribute their product without losing track of a single gram. They rely on highly trained guards, controlled access points, and workers stripped down so they can't steal their product. Conveniently, the same rooms that keep drugs safe are also great for stashing prisoners.

      • Michael: (voice-over) People often think the easiest way past armed guards is with high-tech equipment or serious firepower, but usually it's through someone who already has access. The key is picking an escort who really likes you, and it helps if they're fast on their feet.

      • Madeline: Are you saying you can't do it?
        Dixon: No, of course I can do it, but that's not the point. The point is, I'm finally out from my house arrest, and you're asking me to do some seriously risky stuff here.
        Madeline: Michael and Sam will pay you back.
        Dixon: It's not about the money. It's about the principles.
        Madeline: You seem like a nice boy, so let me tell you about my principles. If you don't do this and my son gets back another way, he's going to kill you. If he doesn't get home, I will kill you.

      • Madeline: (to Michael) You smell like a barbecue.

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