Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 10

Desperate Times

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 23, 2012 on USA
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  • BOOM!

    Burn Notice's Summer Finale: Here We Go Again

    Twists! Turns! Yep, it's the Burn Notice Season 6 summer finale, and there were some explosions up in there.

  • Episode Summary

    The gang travels to Panama to take out an assassin, but their target figures out their plans and sets up a trap of his own. Elsewhere, Madeline grills Card for answers.

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    • desperate times

      The real hero is Brady. Sacrifced himself to save the team. We finally get some anwers abou the death of nate.
    • Emotional Depth

      This episode had a powerful moment between Card and Madeline that was just WOW, and over this whole first part of Season 6 there are a lot more deep, tender. heartfelt emotional dialogues that really round out the characters so much more. I say Bravo to that. Still, keeping the essential elements of why this group of characters work so well together. Burn Notice is really one of the best mix of regular characters and guest characters of any show out there. Thank you sooo much for such a enjoyable hour in a week.

      i love all the characters almost equally and that is a rare thing on a show.

      Can't wait for part 2 of Season 6!moreless
    • Trust no1

      This episode didn't surprise me. I always liked the cliffhangers of Burn Notice. Madeline and Card's dialogues was emotional and Card's examples about the two brothers were awesome. I didn't expect that he's was that much cold blooded bastard. While the bombs drop to eliminate Michael, he can be friendly to Madeline. This season keeps getting better.
    • Desperate Times

      A very enjoyable midseason finale here. Jesse talking about his lack of shoes was a nice humorous touch, but there was all of the action you could expect for from Burn Notice. You knew the fat guy would die, but it was still a big moment, only to be topped by the twist that Michael was sent there to die.

      Great way to cap off a comeback season for Burn Notice.moreless
    • Great ep - great acting, writing, explosions, and guest stars!

      First - this ep was not written by Matt Nix which was fine by me as even though he's the creator, he's not my favorite BN writer. Fortunately tonight's ep was written by one of my favorite Burn Notice writers Craig O'Neil. **SPOILERS FROM THIS POINT ON..**




      The guest stars from shows like The Wire - Scrubs - and The Shield (aww yeah Lem!) were all awesome. I liked the twist and the montage of Michael's mom and Card while he was at the same time trying to have Michael and his team killed was great. Lots of good spy talk too with the spark plugs (true!) and the aluminum and gunpowder (also true) as well as some pretty deep strategy talk. I would give it a 10 but it's just short of eps like LOST's "The Constant" and The Shield's "Family Meeting". Still a fantastic ep that leaves me waiting on the edge of my seat for the new eps to start in Novemeber. Hope Lem (Kenny Johnson) hangs around!moreless

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      • Michael: (voice-over) Setting up a snatch-and-grab requires having the right pieces in place. You need a lookout up high, a driver in the getaway car, and someone to create the distraction. Then you just have to wait for the target to show up.

      • Madeline: How do two brothers turn out so different?
        Card: Imagine that you're holding on to two bottles and they drop on the floor. What happens? They both break. But it's how they break that's important. Because, you see, while one bottle crumples into a pile of glass, the other shatters into a jagged-edged weapon. You see, the exact same environment that forged older brother into a warrior crushed baby brother. People just don't all break the same, Mrs. Westen. Just don't.

      • Michael: (voice-over) It's a popular misconception that guard duty is all about watching for people. In fact, people are usually a much lower priority than vehicles. A well-trained guard will focus first on keeping the road clear and monitoring suspicious cars in the vicinity, which can give you a great excuse to get up close.

      • Michael: (voice-over) Locating a group of mercenaries in a third-world country isn't terribly difficult because they're very similar to street thugs. They flaunt their presence. So if you want to find an outfit, it's as simple as asking around. The question isn't where they are; it's what you're gonna do when you find them.

      • Michael: (voice-over) When you give a piece of intelligence to anyone, even an ally, you never know what they're going to do with it. You never know what they're going to do with it. You run the risk of them taking that information and using it for their own purposes.

      • Michael: (voice-over) If you're building ammunition to shatter reinforced glass, you need something harder than buckshot. If you don't have a handful of diamonds lying around, spark plugs will do. Their ceramic casings are nearly as hard. Once you've dealt with the glass, you have to deal with the people behind it. A serviceable flash-bang grenade can be made from a soda can filled with aluminum shavings and gunpowder. Not as stable as military issue, but it still packs one hell of a kick.

      • Michael: (voice-over) With a running start, the average adult can jump a distance of about 10 feet. The trick to clearing bigger gaps is raising your launch point and making your jump at full speed. It's all about maximizing your momentum, which can make the difference between a safe landing, and a date with the pavement.

      • Michael: (voice-over) One of the most popular bases for covert operations is an abandoned building. Hotels and apartments have too many people coming and going to base a long-term op. You can buy a house, but it's hard to buy something big enough discreetly on short notice. Find a building that's been condemned, however, and you can move right in, as long as you can find a way to supply power and you don't mind a little dust.

      • Michael: Mom, I'm sorry.
        Madeline: I don't want your apology! Every mistake Nate ever made was 'cause he wanted to be like you. He had no business being out there! None! But Nate...
        Michael: I shouldn't have put him in harm's way.
        Madeline: But you did. And I did nothing to stop you. And I can't take that back. He only wanted to help you because he knew how proud of you I was. I was his mother. And my job was to protect him from you! And I didn't do it.

      • Michael: (voice-over) Whenever you get a fresh piece of intelligence in the field, you have to decide carefully who you're going to share it with, because every asset you talk to, agency you work with, and resource you update brings along a new set of problems.

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