Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 10

Desperate Times

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 23, 2012 on USA

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  • Emotional Depth

    This episode had a powerful moment between Card and Madeline that was just WOW, and over this whole first part of Season 6 there are a lot more deep, tender. heartfelt emotional dialogues that really round out the characters so much more. I say Bravo to that. Still, keeping the essential elements of why this group of characters work so well together. Burn Notice is really one of the best mix of regular characters and guest characters of any show out there. Thank you sooo much for such a enjoyable hour in a week.

    i love all the characters almost equally and that is a rare thing on a show.

    Can't wait for part 2 of Season 6!
  • Trust no1

    This episode didn't surprise me. I always liked the cliffhangers of Burn Notice. Madeline and Card's dialogues was emotional and Card's examples about the two brothers were awesome. I didn't expect that he's was that much cold blooded bastard. While the bombs drop to eliminate Michael, he can be friendly to Madeline. This season keeps getting better.
  • Desperate Times

    A very enjoyable midseason finale here. Jesse talking about his lack of shoes was a nice humorous touch, but there was all of the action you could expect for from Burn Notice. You knew the fat guy would die, but it was still a big moment, only to be topped by the twist that Michael was sent there to die.

    Great way to cap off a comeback season for Burn Notice.
  • Great ep - great acting, writing, explosions, and guest stars!

    First - this ep was not written by Matt Nix which was fine by me as even though he's the creator, he's not my favorite BN writer. Fortunately tonight's ep was written by one of my favorite Burn Notice writers Craig O'Neil. **SPOILERS FROM THIS POINT ON..**




    The guest stars from shows like The Wire - Scrubs - and The Shield (aww yeah Lem!) were all awesome. I liked the twist and the montage of Michael's mom and Card while he was at the same time trying to have Michael and his team killed was great. Lots of good spy talk too with the spark plugs (true!) and the aluminum and gunpowder (also true) as well as some pretty deep strategy talk. I would give it a 10 but it's just short of eps like LOST's "The Constant" and The Shield's "Family Meeting". Still a fantastic ep that leaves me waiting on the edge of my seat for the new eps to start in Novemeber. Hope Lem (Kenny Johnson) hangs around!
  • An insult to Panama City

    Good season finale and all, the depiction of Panama is extremely inaccurate, San Miguelito (that is inside Panama City) does not look like that at all, it's layout is quite suburban filled with medium class neighborhoods, a quasi-favela poor looking part and minimum industrial presence, At least they do have a few shots of the city itself (somewhat old stock may I add), by the way, Diablo Rojo's buses are being replaced for a modern fleet of mass transit buses, Also it's impossible that Jesse couldn't find a shoe store, Panama City is filled with all kind of stores, malls, San Miguelito has a total of 4 shopping malls, being one of them the newest and Third best in the whole Nation (And I'm talking US style malls), Those armed dudes in the streets, will never fly down here, the police would shut them in no time, legally it's a pain in the butt getting firearms, but non lethal countermeasures are reasonably available... also a workshop or junkyards are never abandoned for someone waltz in and do their bidding
  • Wow, that was intense!

    Like Season Finales, Burn Notice has a good history when it comes to Summer Finales. Summer Finales are the final episodes within the summer portion of any Burn Notice season, while the Season Finales come later in Winter and actually signify the end of the season.

    The first half of Season 6 had a lot more going on than the first half of any other Burn Notice season. We had Michael's hunt for Anson, Fiona's prison adventures, and a lot of assassination attempts and action in between, before that game-changing episode in the middle of the summer portion that seemed to come out of nowhere where Anson was killed and Fiona was released...but Nate was killed as well. That episode changed everything to a game of revenge for Michael, and this time it looks like he's about to get revenge...until he figures out Card's true intentions.

    This episode was action packed to the extreme. From large-scale breaches to sniper dashes to vehicle snatch & grabs, and of course to the gigantic explosion at the end of the episode. What I want to know is did they really get an F-18 on this show, do they have that kind of budget? More likely they inserted it into the sky from previous footage...but that still looked awesome, even if not totally realistic. (One bomb from F-18 is enough to blow up a car, two enough to blow up an entire building?)

    The cliffhanger was great. Not a direct cliffhanger, but the twist and reveal in itself is a big cliffhanger. Now Michael must take down the CIA. This season is going to get really good in November.
  • sucky

    It seems every time John C. McGinley appears in an episode, that Jeffrey Donovan's acting becomes contrived and robotic also.

    John does not suit this role, and is completely unconvincing. For a finale, I thought "Desperate Times" was below average.

    The only entertaining part was Jesse complaining about his socks. :-)
  • spoilers

    Tonight's show was directed by Renny Harlin, BN's go-to guy for a big episode, and it was written by creator Matt Nix, who writes almost exclusively for openers and finales. That was enough of a clue that Burn Notice meant business tonight (well, that and the fact that it was a finale episode). Desperate Times started a little slow, but when it got rolling, it was ridiculous. The final fifteen minutes of the episode were absolutely heart-pounding, as intense a sequence as we've ever seen on this show. Felt like I was watching a movie.

    The 'twist' was disappointing and predictable, that's the reason I dropped the score to a 9. But it speaks to the acting and the real strength of the episode that it was STILL so riveting to watch it unfold. As expected, Tom Card is the new big bad. Tyler Gray was just a hired gun. Whether Nate was supposed to die or he was just collateral damage, we don't know yet. But if Card sent his protege to Panama on a suicide mission and called in F-18 drones to get it done, he's gotta be guilty of a hell of a lot more than the Anson/Nate shooting. The highlight of this episode was Michael actually grinning, almost laughing, in disbelief and terror while Gray lays out to him that Card wants him and his friends gone. Fiona's arrest shook him, Nate's death cracked him, this ought to send him over the edge. I'm really hoping that Card is the one who falls victim to the ruthless, cold-blooded, terrifying murder that we all know Mike has in him.

    New episodes in November. Card thinks Westen's team is dead, Westen knows the government is after him. The sh** has officially hit the fan.