Burn Notice

Season 2 Episode 10

Do No Harm

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on USA

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  • The show is based on a singular objective by a small group of people. Seeing as the moment they solve the burn notice, the show will be over. They have to find some way to make it interesting without revealing too much.

    When I saw the first episode of the season I felt it was just toying with the audience. "Look, Michael is going to find out about the burn notice, yeah... wait, he has to jump through some hoops. It's back to the same format he had with the FBI agents."

    This episode almost feels like it was going to follow the same path. When he rescued Kenny from the attempted suicide, I felt like they just wanted to jump back into the same format. Thankfully, both his client-of-the-week story and his dealings with Carla was much more intense then the show had before.

    In fact, once he picked up the brick and threw it into the MIB car window, that is when the story took a sharp turn for the better. He had a nice little conversation with Carla, where Michael exploded into a list of demands: brother out of jail, who tried to kill him, and his life back.

    Seeing Carla eye him down revealed quite a lot, she is not sure exactly what Michael is capable of, and neither do we. In the last scene between the two, Michael even took note that his "danger level" went up a few ranks in her eyes.

    The story with Kenny and his son was typical of Michael Weston, a kid who was messed with by the bad guys ticks him off. Especially in the case of medical false hope.

    The story in this regard was also filled with surprises. They did a little of the spy infiltration thing, but for the most part they just portrayed themselves as vicious thugs. They returned to the interrogation method they did a few episodes ago and re-emphasized the whole "violence in interrogation doesn't work...it's the fear of violence."

    Fiona blowing their cover was also a surprise. Usually the bad guy figures it out at some point, but here everything was going fine but Fiona just snapped and took a swing. I was a little unsure of the fanservice of Fiona and Rachel fighting in bikinis (it's not like the show has any shortage of either) but thankfully they didn't exploit it too far.

    The fight between Sam and Mike was also a nice touch, only good friends can take a few swings at each other and then continue being friends. Sam also proved that he can trade blows with the best of them. It was also the boiling point where Mike started to recover from almost getting killed. It takes a good friend like Sam to do that for you.

    Now, as far as the whole "figuring out the burn notice" story arc, I can deal with it being put on hold. They aren't teasing that Michael is going to find it by hunting down the guy that tried to kill him. This is more or less a revenge plot. It's something new, and Michael revealed that the most important thing to deal with any trama is to keep busy, have something to focus on. The longer the show is on, the better.
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