Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 14

Down & Out

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on USA

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  • Down and Out

    The episode certainly had its slow points, and Patton Oswalt being involved in a torture sequence just seems way too out of character for the actor, but it also was not that bad as a whole.

    The action is still better than most things on TV these days, even if sometimes the storylines are a bit questionable.
  • filler

    There's really nothing else to say about this episode. Matt Nix and company must have needed to kill a night off the schedule to keep their master plan for the remainder of the season in order. The novelty of Patton Oswalt on Burn Notice of all things wore off very quickly. Sam's goodbye to Elsa fell flat (though not for lack of effort by the actors), because Elsa has had almost no actual screen time on this show, therefore I don't really care about her. We know Maddie's not going anywhere. Those of us who've read the casting notes know that Oswalt's character wasn't going anywhere for at least one more episode. There was zero movement on the main story arc, all Riley did in her two or so appearances was walk around and scowl.

    Yeah, I think that about covers it. Pretty barren hour of Burn Notice, not at all worth the two week wait. I'm already starting to forget what happened. Hopefully things get back on track next week.