Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 6

Entry Point

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2010 on USA

Episode Recap

Michael Westen and Jesse Porter prepare an empty house to act as a holding facility in preparation to interrogate Kendra, the assassin who killed Jonathan Kassar. After 48 hours of waiting, Jesse is anxious to interrogate Kendra. However, Michael reminds him that Kendra is a trained operative and is fully aware that neither Michael nor anyone on the team is government, which means they have to act as a private company with foreign interests. He proposes to Jesse that they create a rendition play in order to get a tell on Kendra.

Michael takes the lead in the interrogation. He tries to convince Kendra to tell him about her employers, but is onto Michael's "good cop-bad cop" play. When he threatens to hand Kendra over to Kassar's Serbian employers, Kendra shows them how far she is willing to go to never reveal anything about her, including repeatedly slamming her own head onto the table. As she begins to bleed out, Jesse rushes to stop her and Kendra mocks him for it. Infuriated, Michael pulls Jesse out of the interrogation room as Kendra cackles at Jesse's weakness. As it turns out however, this was the rendition play that Michael was teeing off, setting Jesse up as the weak link in the organization. Michael tells Jesse that Kendra is a predator who is overconfident when she smells weakness, allowing Jesse to be the bait for her manipulative plays.

Michael meets Sam at Carlito's to ask him to monitor Jesse's interrogation session with Kendra. Sam is upset about the favor, eating Michael's lunch and beer in protest. He was hoping to interrogate Kendra himself, but Michael reminds him that he set Jesse up as a weak underling in order to allow Kendra to attack him in the interrogation room. Sam reluctantly agrees to act as the "unseen boss from hell." However, he tells Michael that if the play does not work, then Sam will interrogate her himself. Fiona arrives to pick up Michael and meet a high-paying client who makes knock-offs.

The client's name is Buddy, who was making knock-offs of luxury items to be sold in Las Vegas. He offers Fiona a pair of fake high-heel shoes to take with her. Buddy wants to hire Michael and Fiona because his last client tried to kill him. His last job was forging a pair of onyx lion heads along with a piece of tooled leather and shows them the Polaroid that he took. He was not sure what they were for, but he was paid $20,000 for the job---5 up front and 15 on delivery. Buddy was contracted the job by a man who spoke through the phone using a voice scrambler. Instead of paying full price, the mystery man rigged Buddy's jacuzzi so that he would electrocute himself on accident. Michael advised him to go to the police, but Buddy told him he was allergic to cops. Buddy was willing to pay them whatever they wanted so they can catch the would-be killer. Michael asks Buddy if he had his client's number. Buddy greased a woman from the phone company to triangulate the number to its last-known position and tells them the address. Unfortunately, Buddy is not really good with handling guns.

Michael and Fiona arrive at an old machine shop. Unfortunately, they are caught off-guard by a camera staring right at them and realize the shop is rigged to explode at the sight of intruders. The shop does blow up, setting fire to everything inside. Michael calls 911 to report the fire so they can recover whatever is inside.

Sam and Jesse begin the interrogation session with Kendra. Sam sets Jesse up by acting as his superior and pretends to berate him for playing too nice. He demands answers from Jesse, which catches Kendra's attention on camera. Jesse is ready to interrogate Kendra.

When Jesse walks into the interrogation room, he is visibly shaken, but tries to shake it off and demands answers from Kendra, showing her photos of Kassar's autopsy. Kendra begin to mentally torture him and Jesse bites. He begins acting desperate and Kendra reads him as being on the hook for his life if he does not bring the information to his handlers. As Jesse begins to show weakness, Kendra offers a trade. Jesse reluctantly accepts, but wants Kendra to reveal something first. Kendra admits to being a contract killer and admits to killing Kassar. In exchange, Jesse reveals that he works for a private mercenary company. As Sam watches the interrogation in the video, he calls Michael and updates him with Jesse's progress.

Meanwhile, the fire department arrives at the machine shop to put out the flames. Michael takes advantage of government bureaucracy to act as county arson investigator "Randy" and confuses firefighter McKenzie by claiming jurisdiction. While McKenzie calls county to verify "Randy's" presence on site, Michael uses the time to collect evidence. He finds a burned laptop and a resin mold. Michael collects the resin mold and leaves, informing McKenzie that he is carrying radioactive materials he needs to get back to the lab as soon as possible.

Buddy is shocked to learned that his client firebombed his own place and worried about what the client will do to him later. Michael and Fiona tell him that his onyx lion heads are being used to forge a sword that once belonged to Alexander the Great. A local software C.E.O., Ken Bocklage, purchased the sword at an auction and will present it at a product-launch party in the evening, where it will be stored in a vault later. They believe the thief will attempt to swap swords on that evening. Michael and Fiona have someone who can look into Interpol to figure out the identity of the thief.

Michael, Sam, and Fiona meet at Carlito's to discuss the would-be antiquities thief. Sam shows them an Interpol file on the mystery thief. He reveals that there are two antiquities thieves that have pulled jobs like these before. However, one of them is spending life in a Russian prison for stealing a Czar's hat, leaving only the one possibility. Also, the other thief has never been photographed. Due to the thief's reputation of getting away clean, the French dubbed him as "Monsieur Glissant", or Mr. Slippery. However, if Mr. Slippery could not get away clean, he would get away violently. He almost got caught during a job in Kyoto, Japan by detonating an elevator in a museum. Mr. Slippery is suspected of seven heists in three continents and is now in Miami to pull another job. Michael and Fiona decide to pose as security consultants and offer their services to Bocklage.

At Waveline, Bocklage's software company, Michael ("Scott Miller") and Fiona ("Karen Campbell") meet Bocklage along with personal assistants, Selena and the Head of Security. They attempt to convince Bocklage that he will be robbed of the sword, presenting photos of the resin mold recovered from the machine shop. When requesting employee files, the Head of Security denied them and Bocklage agrees, believing Michael and Fiona to be nothing more than thieves themselves. They walk away, forcing Michael and Fiona to find another way to find the thief. Michael proposes to visit Human Resources and find the thief's identity there.

Michael and Fiona break into the secretary's office. Fiona looks out for the woman in the picture, who is the secretary. He begins uploading H.R.'s files onto a file-sharing site so they can look at them later. Fiona sees the secretary coming back from break and distracts her long enough for Michael to make his getaway.

After having studied the files from H.R. earlier, Michael traces the identity back to a man named Andrew Deans, who is a new hire with a perfect performance record and perfect credit report, which are red flags. As they sit on his house, Fiona spots a video camera where a front door light is mounted at. When Deans leaves the house, Michael and Fiona begin breaking into the house from the back.

Inside Deans' house, they discover leather furniture, a large flat-screen TV, forged laminated identity documents, and a book on Alexander the Great along with an article. They also find infrared paint, which is used by Mr. Slippery to trace an escape route for later in the evening. During their investigation, Fiona listens in on her voicemail revealing that Buddy received a text saying that Fiona texted him to meet him at the Grove Marina in 10 minutes. Fiona never texted him, which means that Mr. Slippery plans on disposing of Buddy soon. They rush out to save Buddy.

Michael and Fiona arrive at Grove Marina just in time to stop Buddy from running into a trap. When Michael is unable to call out Buddy, Buddy is confused and tries to figure out what's going on. Fiona fires at him and Buddy tries to run to the shed that is rigged to explode. She shoots Buddy in his left shoulder, causing him to fall into the water. They rush to pull him out of the water. Michael tells Buddy to give him a shoe so he can trigger the explosives. He throws the shoe into the shed door, causing it to open as it explodes. They try to look for Mr. Slippery, but got away and possibly aware of Michael and Fiona.

Michael and Fiona confront Bocklage, Selena, and the Head of Security with the evidence they secured from Deans' home. Selena accuses them of framing Deans, but Michael and Fiona counter by showing them Mr. Slippery's escape route. Using a black light, they find the IR paint and describe Mr. Slippery's plan. Bocklage proposes to have Deans arrested, but Michael tells him to hold off because they do not have enough evidence to hold him on. Selena proposes to remove the sword before he has an opportunity to steal it, but Michael reminds them that any deviation would spook Mr. Slippery. Michael tells them to throw the party as normal while they worry about catching the thief. He's not happy to have to assign Sam to sit on Deans' place while Jesse interrogates Kendra alone, but Fiona believes he can handle it.

Jesse continues to act weak and desperate as Kendra taunts him for fishing for information. He tries to guess who Kendra's employers may be, but Kendra is not budging. Jesse tells her she does not have much time left, but Kendra picks up on it as him being the one on the clock to find information. Jesse feigns weakness and looks back at the camera before trying to press her for information. Kendra suspects that Jesse is not interrogating her for a cause, but for a small paycheck she thinks Jesse is being paid. She begins to corrupt Jesse by offering him $300,000 in exchange for her freedom. Jesse does not want to have this conversation, but Kendra demands his attention and refuses to say anything further, knowing that Jesse is running out of time. He begins to look and act guilty, possibly betraying the people he works for. Jesse is about to walk away from the interrogation and looks back at Kendra with guilt, acknowledging that he will accept Kendra's offer. Before continuing further, Jesse smiles away from Kendra, reassured that he has won the mind game.

While Sam sits on Deans' place, Jesse calls him with good news that Kendra gave up her account number and money manager who is handling her bankroll. Sam will have Barry look into Kendra's finances later. Jesse also tells him he misses hanging out with the crew due to the amount of time he's spent interrogating Kendra.

Michael and Fiona bring Buddy along as an antiquities expert to verify that the Sword of Alexander the Great is authentic. They meet with Bocklage and his entourage to receive the sword. Buddy verifies that the sword is authentic. At the receiving dock, Michael tells Bocklage that Fiona will set up a perimeter outside for Deans' arrival.

While Michael and Buddy wait for Deans' arrival, Sam calls him and wanted to make sure that Deans is Mr. Slippery. Sam witnessed Deans getting blown away by a car bomb, meaning that he is NOT Mr. Slippery. Michael realizes that Mr. Slippery has made his preemptive move to swap the swords earlier than expected, murdering a guard in the process. When Michael and Buddy arrive at the sword's holding location, they come too late to see the swords getting swapped. Bocklage and his entourage arrive moments later with Selena openly accusing Michael and Buddy of killing the guard and stealing the sword. Bocklage orders security to arrest Michael, but a bomb Mr. Slippery rigged in the room explodes. Michael and Buddy use the opportunity to escape.

Michael calls Fiona to look out for Mr. Slippery, whom he suspects is trying to get away in a firefighter uniform as the Fire Department works to evacuate the building. The two eventually slip away, jumping out of a second-story window. After they meet with Fiona outside again, they try to find Mr. Slippery. Michael calls out for help and notices all the firefighters responding to his cries. In the crowd, Michael notices one unresponsive firefighter who is walking away from the scene. He gives chase and the firefighter takes off his oxygen mask, revealing his identity as Selena, a.k.a., "Ms. Slippery." Fiona picks them up and a car chase ensues.

During the car chase, Michael rigs Fiona's duffel bag with an explosive and rope. He detonates the explosive under Selena's rear tires, causing her to veer off the road. Michael holds Selena down while Fiona opens her firefighter suit, revealing Alexander the Great's sword strapped to her chest. Before being thrown in the trunk to be turned in, she looks back at Buddy and threatens to kill him.

The next day, Michael and Fiona meet Buddy back at his place---this time, at his jacuzzi. He is happy to hear that Bocklage is pressing charges against Selena for grand theft, conspiracy, and murder. She is being denied bail. Selena is also being charged for Deans' murder. Deans was a local convict Selena hired to make the swap until Michael and Fiona uncovered her scam. Before leaving, Fiona receives a fake Couture purse that Buddy made for her as a thank-you gift for saving his life.

Sam briefs Michael at Carlito's about Barry's findings. Barry is unable to trace Kendra's finances back to a source, showing that her money went through six different banks and four holding companies in five different banks. Instead, Barry worked some magic to make it seem like Kendra's handlers drained her bank account as soon as she got nabbed, making it seem like she outlived her usefulness.

Jesse shows Kendra the doctored finances report, indicating that her bosses have cut her off when she got caught. Kendra is infuriated and demands revenge. She ultimately confesses on-camera that she was sent to Miami to wrap up a big job. The tape drive that Michael and Jesse recovered from her place contained the names of four operatives who were supposed to rip off a safety deposit box - Kassar being one of them. They got caught and were deemed expendable. Kendra does not know what they were trying to steal or where the job took place. She only knew that it took place last month on the 4th. She wanted assurance from Jesse that when they catch her bosses, she wanted to let them know she was responsible for their downfall. Jesse walks away happy that the interrogation is over. Sam proposes to anonymously hand over Kendra to the FBI. Before preparing Kendra to be handed over to the FBI, Michael proposes a toast over beers for a job well done. He also tells Jesse to find some friends he can hang out with regularly.