Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 6

Entry Point

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2010 on USA

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  • Jesse vs. Kendra was by far the epitome of the episode, I didn't really care too much about anything else. The way he manipulated it was beast.

    Although, we get to see Michael Westen be well Michael Westen, I think seeing Jesse breakdown a hired cleaner was by far one of the best scenes throughout the fourth season. Coupled with Michael's voice overs and how they controlled her options was absolutely amazing. Kendra as an actor made the show that much more enjoyable and probably one of the more female characters in the show that has more of a die hard attitude to her. Michael's team hasn't really captured a "trained" killer before. I mean sure they have caught gangsters, mobsters, pimps and "bad people" but never someone especially trained in their same field. So it was a nice treat to see them break down an individual who is supposedly right on par with them.

    Her character didn't bother me at all, Kendra played her role very well and honestly, she did it with tact. I would like to see more of her, maybe they can bring her back later on, but her versus Jesse was definitely, the truth. We have seen a great deal spy related work but never an interrogation in terms of a spy vs a highly intelligent assassin (basically a spy). This was a bold and excellent opportunity to exploit that, this is why I watch this show.

    I can't wait to see more of what happens on the show this week.