Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 13

Eyes Open

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2010 on USA
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Michael tries to stop a lawyer who is killing gang members out of revenge. With Jesse, Michael also tries to find a stolen document.

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  • burn notice picks up where it very spensfully left us. Mike is hurt after jesses bullete and forced to cause the car accident we saw in ep 14. There was another man and we see him walk with the bible.moreless

    Unlike like most burn notice eps mike dosn't bounce back. We see his human side and even vurnabilty. To me each charcter grows and the mood is more hoplessness. Jesse weather you like or hate him changes to. After finding out his been strung along for so long he turns more cold. Almost mirroring michale during season 3 after simion breaks out. Jesse starts to realize that they need to be less compasionate in order to catch these people. We also feel as if mike and jesse are not quite done tih there issues. Great ep. as we get ready for season final.moreless
  • All our current questions get answered, but alas, new ones arise.

    Apun exiting the Summer Finale "Guilty as Charged" there were a number of questions that were brought up that had to do with the over-arching story. This included "Will Michael Survive?" even though we all pretty much knew that answer was yes, it was still shocking to see him shot like that. A different question was "Is Jesse a Friend or Foe?" "What will happen between Vaughn and Michael?" and above all, the big question booming inside every Burner Fanatic's mind was "Who took the Bible and what will he do with it?" All of these questions were answered tonight, strengthening the story and setting up for the next 5 remaining episodes in the season.

    Let's start with question one, Will Michael Survive? We all know this answer is yes. He gets taken to a hospital and it is revealed that the media and government is now fully aware of the affairs involving John Barret and his corperation, so it seems that it's all good. Right? Wrong. The aftermath of the events last episode fuels the answers to the next questions and the overall arc considerably.

    Question 2: Jesse- Friend or Foe? Well as we find out in this episode, Jesse is claiming to be a friend but his additude is that of a foe, mainly due to the way the gang lied to him in the first 2/3 of the season. So Michael and Jesse are on a hunt for the bible as uneasy allies, and Jesse blowing up Fi's house at the end was very shocking, and knowing that Burn notice's writers don't usually put things in for no reason it is going to grow into a bigger and bigger rage across the next 4 episodes and definitly play a part in the finale.

    Question 3: What are Vaughn's reactions to the events of Guilty as Charged? Well that reaction was very strange. Basicly Vaughn seemed far to cheerful and still acted as though he didn't know why Barret wanted the bible. Vaughn says that he is leaving Miami which means we won't see him for a while, but it's not the last of him. He's probably going to show up again in the finale. As for him, he seemed cheerful but a new question comes up, why was he so cheerful? What are his plans for Michael? My guess is he will send an assassin to kill Michael just like he did to Simon, as revealed in Hard Time. (Episode 4.10) We'll see.

    Question 4: Who took the bible? The answer is given to us almost right away as Sam had a hunch it would be someone working for Barret and they got the guys name. So Jesse being a new uneasy ally, and Fi teamed up once again and tracked down the bible, linking it to a guy named Sweeney. They find out that Sweeney took the bible to an expert to try and decode since he didn't really know what the bible was, but the guy that decoded it knew exactly what it was. The episode ending cliffhanger saw Sweeney getting killed, and they think the guy that helped him decode it was the one that killed him and took the bible, running off with it. I can't remember the guys name, but we know who it was, now they just need to find him and take the bible back since that guy that took it knew exactly what he was looking at and is either going to help the people that burned Michael or do something else with it totally different.

    New questions that rise up: Is Jesse a reliable asset to the investigation and team? Who will Vaughn send to be Michael's new handler? Where will Vaughn go? One that I had, is Why do they keep mentioning 'Simon's bible' when they could just say 'THE bible?' Simon will return, but why and what will he do when he does return? And the biggest of them all, why did that expert that already decoded the bible want it so badly and what will he do with it?

    We'll keep watching to find out. This episode also had a very interesting client case involving a Cerial Killer and the lawyer Michael helped in the Summer Finale, so that was interesting too but I'm not going to spoil that incase any of you havn't seen the episode. As to why I only gave it an 85/100 is that it was VERY hard to follow, and very rushed. I had to rewatch the episode twice to get a clear understanding of what exactly happened since they only give the story-arc about 10 minutes out of 45 in a regular Burn Notice episode. (Not counting finales). So while there were many interesting developments and new questions to be answered in the next episode it was not very easy to understand and that's unfortunate. Perhaps USA should change the next season to 20 episodes, because the Summer Season was very well pased and very good but now the winter season, with only 6 remaining and 5 to set up for the finale makes the story very rushed and makes the edition of the clients, no matter how interesting the cases are, a chore to watch.

    But besides the slight storytelling issues this was a great episode that deserves a strong B, and I look foward to the next one.moreless
  • A slice of summer as winter approaches!

    It's been a few months since the mid-season cliffhanger for "Burn Notice", and as a relatively new fan, it feels weird to be discussing the show as winter approaches. I'm glad to see it back. This episode really had a little of everything, between Michael's disturbing performance as a madman's acolyte and Jesse's cold-blooded dispatch of said madman.

    I liked how they didn't gloss over Michael's injury too much. They didn't leave him bleeding in the middle of the street, but they did give him a lingering wound to deal with, and that forces him to solve this episode's problem with his mind rather than his usual physical prowess. It's a good way to come back with a reminder of how smart Michael can be.

    One of my chief complaints about the mid-season finale was how self-contained it felt. It didn't seem to address the season arc directly enough, except at the very end. So it was a nice surprise to see the writers follow up on the kidnapping plot element. Even better, they resolved any need for long-term effects from Michael's interactions with Adam Scott by first killing him off and then dealing with his hired mad bomber.

    Jesse's attitude brings something new to the table, and the changes to his dynamic with Fiona make for some interesting team-up possibilities. Jesse's bitterness still threatens to overflow now and then, but it's hard to argue that his solution to the bomber situation wasn't effective. It makes it much harder to predict how he will choose to resolve future conflicts, which is something Team Westen will have to take into account.

    Now that some of the loose ends are wrapped up, the big question is: what direction will they take with the second half of the season? I'm still predicting a sacrificial play on Jesse's part, if only because the whole bible/hit list thread still needs to be resolved. And that can't end with everything rosy for Michael if the series' premise is to remain intact, so things still feel ominous on the road ahead.moreless
  • 413

    Burn Notice got a little stale during the first half of the season, and I was not a fan of The Game's Coby Bell joining the cast, but he was fine here, and the episode really felt fresh as a whole. Not too much emphasis on the "OMG who burned me!! OMG!!" but rather on an entertaining case of the week and plenty of the wit and action that made this show a cable smash hit.

    Burn Notice returns to a crowded Thursday night of TV as evidenced by the low ratings, but the quality is still there. Definitely excited for the home stretch of this season given tonight's good episode here.moreless
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    • Michael: (voice-over) More than anything, zealots crave an audience. Fanatics, at their core, believe they have something to teach the world. Dealing with a fanatic, then, is often just a matter of being a very good student.

    • Jesse: I don't know what you just volunteered me for. I'm not getting mixed up in anything Michael's got going on.
      Fiona: Jesse, we lied about what we did to you. We didn't lie about who we are.

    • Michael: (voice-over) Foot chases rarely last long. During the initial burst of adrenaline, it's important to keep your target in view. If you can, you'll probably catch up. Few people have anything left in the tank after a quarter mile at top speed.

    • Michael: (voice-over) Despite the expression, very few people actually shoot the messenger. Making a fake delivery is a great way to get close to a well-defended position. Carry a large enough bouquet, and you can get very close without being I.D.'d.

    • Michael: (voice-over) Bribery's a delicate art. Success often depends less on how much cash you offer and more on how you offer it.

    • Michael: (voice-over) You need confidence and a can-do attitude to make it in the field. But if you don't have the physical strength to match your attitude, that confidence can just as easily get you killed.

    • Michael: I just want to find evidence Dennis set the bomb yesterday and turn this mess over to the police.
      Sam: I never thought I would hear those words from you.
      Michael: I never had to walk around with hole in my clavicle before.

    • Vaughn: One minute. Then you never have to see me again -ever- if you don't want to.
      Fiona: Next time you show up unannounced, nobody will ever see you again.

    • Sam: You told him to get out of town. He promised that he would drop it.
      Michael: Yeah. He's a lawyer. I guess I should have got it in writing.

    • Michael: (voice-over) Spies live in the shadows, but they dream of the light. When you're working covert ops for low pay in life-threatening conditions, the idea that your work won't remain secret forever keeps you going. One day the world will learn what you've done, even if your name is never known. Some of the sweetest moments come when the job ends and the bullets stop flying. That is, unless one of those bullets rips through your chest.

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      Australia: June 24, 2011 on Channel Ten
      United Kingdom: November 16, 2011 on FX/FX HD

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