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Burn Notice

Season 1 Episode 5

Family Business

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 26, 2007 on USA
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Episode Summary

Michael infiltrates a family of gunrunners who are pressuring an airport supervisor and his pregnant wife. Also, the FBI begins to put pressure on Sam to gather more information on Michael.

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  • Planted Bugs

    A lot of planting of bugs I love it. I enjoyed the case very professional and fun to watch, the writers know what their doing and is not passed on as pretend. Great work keep up the good work, Michael robbing the arm dealers was priceless I like the reaction they got. Michael and his brother are pretty fun together I like to see more of that, looking forward to some more enjoyable episodes.moreless
  • ...

    Same as ever. The main case of the episode was rather good but nothing too outstandin.g I enjoyed playing the con game but come on, it was really predictable. Im really worried for the shows high concept arc, its just a struggle! The only good thing out of it was probably the way the show itself started, loved that scene.

    And that is all I have to say, really. I don't have _anything_ to add, other than how average this was. Entertaining, of course, because "average" compared to quality TV. Burn Notice is quality, but I feel it has much more potential that what is being exploited .moreless
  • good episode...

    Michael investigates a family of gun traders that are threatening an airport emplyee and his wife. I thought the gun trader family was funny. The father was so strict and really pulled off the ex-moussad idea well. The one son was completely incompitent and Michael was able to manipulate him easily. I liked the story and the case in this episode and I loved seeing more of Michael's tricks and information about getting the bad guys. Sam is having more issues with the FBI. I like Sam, but the whole thing with the FBI is getting boring. Overall, still, another solid episode.moreless
  • Review

    I liked this episode. I like the episodes where Michael has to infiltrate a family in order to get closer to the final endgame. The highlight of this episode was Micheals conversations with the man of the family who wasn't quite all the way at the top. He figures out his breaking point and ends up stealing all of the guns from the family at the end. It was one of the better cases of the first season so far. Identity is the only other episode where I thought the case was this good. This is likely my second favorite episode of the season. The overall case of Weston getting burned hasn't made too much progess and with all the assassination attempts last week I would have thought they may have been going somewhere with it this week. Overall though, very solid episode.moreless
  • I have yet to miss an episode of Burn Notice, but 'Family Business' is my personal favorite thus far, and for an unlikely reason...the lack of "action" on Michael's part!

    While this episode does feature gadgets, guns and explosives, it highlights Michael Weston's abilities as a covert operative, rather than a detective with a bag of tricks. Using his brains and ability to read and exploit people, he manages to defeat the most dangerous criminal he's faced thus far. In previous episodes, he has outwitted a greedy millionaire with a sloppy security agent, a group of con artists, a drug lord, and high class pimps, but in 'Family Business' we see Michael in action against one of his own kind...a former espionage agent turned arms dealer.

    While he did use Fiona's little batch of home-cooked explosive, he didn't use it against his adversary, rather, it served to draw his prey in closer. In light of the character development in this episode, it almost makes me want Michael to solve the mystery of his burn notice, so we could hopefully follow him back into the world where he is most at ease: espionage. While this is highly unlikely, to say the least, I think this episode did serve to show us why Michael wants so desperately to return to this world: He's very, very good at it!moreless
Scott Michael Campbell

Scott Michael Campbell

Jake Miller

Guest Star

Audrey Landers

Audrey Landers


Guest Star

Guri Weinberg

Guri Weinberg

Ari Zamar

Guest Star

Seth Peterson

Seth Peterson

Nate Westen

Recurring Role

Marc Macaulay

Marc Macaulay

Agent Harris

Recurring Role

Brandon Morris

Brandon Morris

Agent Lane

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This is the only episode of the first season where no yogurt appears or is mentioned.

    • To get Ari's attention, Michael orders Fisher Vineyards Coach Insignia Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a real wine made by Fisher Vineyards, a small winery located in the Sonoma (CA) area.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Nate: No wonder I got my ass kicked.
      Fiona: Oh, you were lucky. The old guy had a Desert Eagle 9mm with combat grips.
      Michael: Ex-Mossad.
      Nate: What do you mean, like Israeli spies?
      Fiona: Sure. Every other retired spook is an arms dealer. Not a bad gig. If you can stand ex-spooks.
      (Michael shoots her a look)

    • Fiona: Imagine some South Beach model hanging on your every word. How many times she call you?
      Michael: Five. (Fiona laughs) Maybe she wants Ari to do the deal.
      Fiona: She wants to trade up. Admit it, you were tempted.
      Michael: Not for a minute, Fi. If I need a beautiful women to mess up my life, I could do a lot better than Debbie.

    • (Fiona is making an explosive mixture)
      Michael: How's it coming, Fi?
      Fiona: Dangerous, unstable. Remind you of anyone?

    • Sam: Hey Mikey. When you read this guy's profile you're gonna kiss me.
      Michael: I am not gonna kiss you, Sam.
      Sam: Look, I'm not saying I'm gonna like it. I'm just saying you're gonna kiss me.

    • Sam: (to Ari and Ilan) What the hell does it look like I'm doing? I'm throwing crap at a warehouse!

    • Sam: Mike, I saved your ass at the warehouse, the least you could do is have some decent beer in the fridge.
      Michael: The next time you plan on saving my ass, tell me before I go to the store.

    • Michael: (voice-over) Riding in a car with a blindfold on takes some getting used to. Good news is, the driver is too busy making sure you can't see anything to pay attention. He won't notice he's being followed.

    • Michael: (voice-over) There's a good reason covert operatives keep their job a secret from their family. Once your family knows what you do, you've got problems. Best case, they're scared. Worst case, they think they can get into trouble, and you can help them out of it.

    • Michael: (voice-over) Dealing with a blown cover is about stalling for time. Stay alive long enough to figure out what they know, and tell a bigger lie to save yourself.

    • Michael: (voice-over) One cheap and effective security measure is working in an area with low or no traffic. Anyone in a car is too obvious. So you force people to get out and walk.

    • Michael: (voice-over) When gathering intel, little things can tell you a lot. A top fleet alarm system, well placed cameras without blind spots, and paying attention to strangers in the area.

    • Michael: They're in there somewhere.
      Sam: Oh Mikey, come on, it's 10 square blocks. My cardiovascular fitness isn't what it used to be. You know, you never said we were gonna be walking.
      Michael: Rest frequently, drink fluids. You'll be fine Sam.
      Sam: Ok, where do I find fluids?

    • (Nate hugs Michael)
      Madeline: Now you see, Michael, you're too hard on him. I mean, he can be so sweet. I just want us to be a family.
      Michael: I know Mom, I know. (Pauses, then looks up) He just stole my wallet. (Yells and runs after him) Nate! Nate!
      Madeline: Oh.

    • Sam: Hey, are you done making the fake plastic explosive? Can I lick that?
      Michael: Knock yourself out.

    • Jake: They're expecting my answer today. What do I say?
      Michael: Well, since they're probably planning on killing you, if you say anything else, I'd suggest "yes".

    • Michael: (voice-over) You ever meet someone, and it just seems to click instantly? You like the same things, share the same opinions – it seems like you've known them all your life. It could be fate, or it could be that you have a listening device planted under the dashboard of your car.

    • (Michael has told Sam to search his place)
      Michael: I would search in the kitchen area.
      Sam: Cabinets?
      Michael: Sink.
      Sam: Behind?
      Michael: Under. Don't break anything.

    • Michael: (showing Jake a copy of a newspaper article) This is how your job opened up. The old security manager died in a car accident. All his brakes just happened to fail at the same time.
      Jake: Jesus, I can't believe this. I went to a GD basketball game with these people. The seats weren't even that good.
      Michael: Well, the next time you accept a bribe, I'd hold out for court side seats.

    • Nate: You're sure? You saw guns?
      Fiona: Didn't need to, I know a gun runner when I see one. They're MY people. They are shipped in a special lubricant, and the whole hangar smells like it. (sniffing her hair) Mmmm, there it is.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Rodinná záležitost (Family Matter)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      New Zealand: December 2, 2007 on TV3
      Australia: February 18, 2008 on TEN
      Czech Republic: March 12, 2008 on Prima
      Sweden: March 16, 2008 on TV6
      United Kingdom: November 2, 2008 on FX
      Germany: October 26, 2009 on Vox
      Slovakia: February 19, 2010 on JOJ
      Finland: March 1, 2010 on MTV3