Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 2

Fast Friends

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 10, 2010 on USA
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Michael convinces Vaughn to let him take care of Jesse Porter, the spy he recently burned, but he needs to find him first. Meanwhile, Madeline decides to take on a renter to have more stable people in her life.

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  • Keeps getting better.

    I didn't like too much the season opener. But this week is much better. Michael have a new friend now, Jesse. Last week we see that Michael burned him. In this episode, Michael helps him with some old enemies situation. And also he'll help to find who burned him. I'm absolutely sure we're going to see so amazing and thrilling episodes watching this irony. With the first two episodes in season four, we figure out this season arc.

    Jesse stays Michael's mom house now, Fi likes Jesse, Sam don't trust Jesse, Michael is sorry about Jesse. I think Jesse is working for Vaughn. We'll see what will happen next.moreless
  • 402

    "Fast Friends" is the second episode of Burn Notice's fourth season and while it improves a bit on the season premiere, the show is still not up to the great quality it was reaching just a few months ago. Right now I am just not that into this show, and you would think that during the summer months, when there is very little else on, I might enjoy it more, but that was not the case.

    One of the glaring problems with the show right now is that they introduce these new handlers every season and we know what their fate is going to be instantly. Does anyone not think Vaughn will die on the season finale? Not a bad episode, but I know the show is better than this.moreless
  • The season-long arc heats up.

    Season 4 started up with Michael working for the people that burned him yet again, now looking for the people that released Simon. (Who Gilroy worked for). During his investigation, Michael accidently burns a spy who was investigating the same thing officially. Michael convinces Vaughn to use Jesse Porter as an asset in discovering who released Simon, and so they go on the hunt for him.

    Things take a turn for the interesting however, as Jesse comes to Michael for help, making Jesse this week's client. Unfortunatly, Michael has to pretend to be Jesse's friend and hide the fact that he ironicly burned him. The story is getting interesting.moreless
  • better than the season opener; the show seems back in sync with itself and the new guy has good chemistry with the rest of the cast

    Jesse is a great addition to the show (for however long his arc will be). I think Burn Notice needed some new blood, esecially one that has great chemistry with the team, as Jesse does - notably with Fi, which could prove interesting .

    Good move having Jesse set up house in Michael's mom's garage, as predictable as that was - there could be some fun interactions with him and Madeline. The episode also did a good job of fully setting up the twist in which Michael is the guy that burned a spy and at the same time is the one helping that guy. It made for some lovely irony and tension when Michael unflinchingly tells Jesse he okay with him going after and killing the guy who burned him when the current crisis is done with . Michael also looks a little more morally ambiguous these days, having somewhat become "one of them" - one of the people working for Management - the people he's been fighting against up until now, & a point really brought home when Vaughn not so subtly alludes to using torture on Jesse if Michael can't extract Jesse's intel quickly enough using more benign methods. And it also left the feeling that we may someday see a much much meaner side of Vaughn...

    So anyway, with all the ground covered this ep, much more than after ep one, I'm thinking this could actually be an interesting seasonmoreless
  • Solid meet and greet episode for Jesse.

    A less crowded episode than the season opener. Much of this episode was devoted to meet the new team members. I'm glad the writers recognized the need to set the tone early. Like any well-established team, a new member disrupts the status quo and there had to be something (aside from burned status) that keeps Jesse around. Clever way to tie the A and B stories together by making Jesse the focal point of both.

    Jesse definitely adds a new element of instability... Fiona might have been fiery and unpredictable but she always stuck to the gameplan.

    Michael's conversations with Jesse are always very interesting. Usually protaganists see their darker image reflected in similar characters. In this case, Michael gets the unique role of being the darker image. Jesse could've easily been carbon-copy season 1 Michael Westen and I'm glad they made him his own character.

    After watching the closing conversation between Michael and Jesse, I suspect it will be Jesse that turns to the dark side rather than Michael...


    +Jesse character fleshed out

    +Michael character dealing with the consequences of his OWN decisions


    -Fiona's 'american' accent starting to slip

    -Michael's accent sounded unbelievable... regular voice would've been fine heremoreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Featured Music:
      "Ay Yai Yai (Remix)" by La Loo (Opening scenes)
      "Need For Speed Track 1" by Niels Bye Nielsen (Michael and Fiona at work)
      "Lets Play- Inst_Methodmx" by Kopious Few (The team spots Jesse)
      "Mulatica Mia" by The Tao Of Groove (Vaughn wants an update)
      "Gozador" by Beat Chamber (Michael, Sam and Jesse brief their plan)
      "Pop Rocket" by Chris Bragg (Jesse executes his version of the plan)
      "Pist'n Broke" by Dr. Silencio (The truck is readied)
      "Shift" by Jeff Biebuyck (High speed pursuit)
      "Ritmo" by Beat Chamber (Vaughn's balcony)

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Michael: (voice-over) Whether it's in the field or a showroom, the most powerful move at the end of a sales pitch is to just walk away. It's an effective technique to close a deal, but it can also get you shot in the back.

    • Sam: You're working for the same sons of bitches that burned you, Mike, and now you're gonna meet with this Vince guy.
      Michael: Vaughn.
      Sam: Vaughn...good name for a vampire.

    • Sam: You know, I'm a little hurt, Maddy. You never spruced the place up when I was here.
      Madeline: That's because he's a paying renter, Sam. Not someone who detonates explosives in my solarium.

    • Michael: Mom, I thought you wanted someone nice staying here who liked cats. Now you're sharing gun cleaner.
      Madeline: Yeah, well, nice is overrated. And I forgot how much I hate cats.

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