Burn Notice

Season 1 Episode 3

Fight or Flight

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 12, 2007 on USA

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    Nice case about helping a mom and daughter from getting killed by the cartel by talking to the cops. Landlord agree to give him 4 months off rent if he would help them. Good action, engineering just like good ol macgyver. Michael finally get his first piece of information about how he got black listed.
  • A fun, well-acted episode. Nothing to write home about, though.

    As light as air, but very much watchable, Burn Notice is in no hurry to change gears anytime soon. The main plot this week is benefited by an injection of lighthearted action-scenes, but the rest of the episode never really kicks off in any significant way: Fiona is still trying to bed Michael before he leaves town, and we discover that Michael has some serious daddy issues. And, once again, we're teased about the overall arc during the final moments of the episode. Michael comes off a lot more competent as an agent during this episode, and the fact that we're being introduced to agents from his past fleshes out the character a wee bit, but the show still feels too self-contained, too restricted, and very by-the-numbers. And I really am trying to get my head around Fiona's Americano accent, I am, it's just...well...it's ridiculous. Still, it tickled me when Dublin was casually thrown into conversation in certain scenes.
  • Michael helps a mom and her daughter escape from a drug dealer who's trying to get them killed.

    In this episode, Michael's landlord asks him to help a waitress who witnessed a drug dealer kill a man. The drug dealer wants to kill so that he wouldn't get in jail. Michael tries to talk to the cartel's lawyer, but only to get refused and making things even more difficult. Now he has to frame the drug dealer so that it would seem he's an informant for the fbi. Meanwhile, he gets in touch with an old spy-friend who can get his burn notice. And Fiona convinces him he should get his dad's car and to give her a key to his apartment.
  • Michael keeps looking for answers

    Michael is still looking for those who burned him but hey, he needs to pay the bills and he takes this 'case'. Now that I've seen every season, it's good to go back and watch the old episodes and how every character was well defined from the beginning, specially Fiona. I liked the whole key situation and how Fiona made Michael give it to her. Michael fixing his father's car was really nice, he's finally trying to find some peace of mind.

    Ugh, I hated the young girl for a moment but I understand how hard it must be to leave everything behing all of a sudden and start over somewhere else. Great episode... Keep them coming!
  • Good.

    I find this show to be very interesting. It's got a really weird atmosphere - almost feels like Magnum, or like, any show from the 80's. I enjoy Michael's character, but as far as the characters go, thats pretty much it. Fiona's cool too, but can be a little annoying in high dosage. The rest is not really all that interesting.

    The case of the episode - hmm. Intersting but this is supposed to be a spy show yet the episodic cases tend to be, well, rather low-scale. Although I enjoy the McGyver-like weapons and solutions, I think the main reason I tune in to this show is because I want to see a spy show.

    Michael's father being mentioned here and there and Michael finally visiting his grave was a nice touch, hopefully the show will continue to develop his character.

    The "overall" arc progression was laughable, I honestly believe it's actually unneccessery to be included in the show at this point. One of the main reasons though I enjoy this show is how witty it is. I like Michael's commentary and the subtle humor and light heartedness is awesome too. Also, the camerawork is often outstanding.

    Overall, an ok episode, but it almost feels as if im enjoying this show for the wrong reasons.
  • good episode...

    Again, another solid episode of Burn Notice. I really liked the story in this one. One of the landlord's waitresses is being threatened after seeing an assault and Michael must protect her and her daughter from the attacker. I loved how he ended up fixing the problem; halarious. I think this episode developed Michael's character a lot, especially when he was talking to the waitress's daughter. I feel like every time I watch an episode I'm watching modern-day MacGyver. Michael makes weapons and booby-traps out of common goods. It's funny...anyways, overall, this episode had an intersting story and great character development.
  • Review

    I liked the case in this episode. Not as much as I liked the one in "Identity" but I thought it was a very good case which got to bring in Westons father without making it the theme of the entire episode. The main characters are meshing together nicely for as early in the season as this episode as. I'm not sure I like the fact that the standalone cases are taking up the entire time and then the main case is taking the last three to four minutes of the episode. We now know the code name for this plan to oust Michael, which doesn't give us a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. Overall, I would say this is your run of the mill kind of Burn Notice episode. Once again, nothing in the episode that made me want to turn away, but nothing so epic I can't watch the next episode tommorrow sometime.
  • This show has come up running on the speed track it somehow manages to keep up the pace. If you haven't watched it already, go ahead and do, you won't regret it. If you already have, you know what I'm talking about.

    The main character somehow manages to pursue all the different strings of his life and to make it look easy without actually coming off as a boring superman.

    Being a bit hen picked by his mom, having a girlfriend that can be actually scarier than himself on occasion, an old alcoholic buddy crashing at his place who is openly feeding the watching feds about his pursuits, juggling the search for the who and why of his burn notice as well as taking the time to come to the rescue of his landlords waitress against a Columbian drug cartel employee... all this just sweeps you away for an hour of hugely entertaining television.

    The show has pace and action, funny dialog, interesting character interaction and really good actors. I really hope they will keep up to their high standards and the lords of tv networks who tend to squash excellent tv shows will turn a blind eye and let this one be on the air for a long time.

    The small bone I have to pick with this episode is regarding the use of a stereotypical teenage girl not realizing the gravity of the situation and sneaking of to her Spring Formal (and where the hell did she get her dress and find the time to get all made up???. However I can forgive this as it fit in with the flow of the storyline and gave the opportunity to see Michael's expression when they talked about meeting up with could be boyfriends (or in Michael's case Fiona) a second time thus proving you were meant to be together. Priceless!
  • Michael worked on a new case involving witness protection of a mom and her daughter. He also furthered his investigation into the origins of his burn notice.

    Michael's new case involved a waitress who worked for his landlord and her daughter. She witnessed an accident that involved a drug dealer beating up a delivery person. She reported it to the police and now the drug dealer wants her dead. Michael cleverly resolves the issue by getting involved in the politics of the drug dealer - this was somewhat cliched - implicating the dealer to his boss. There were some funny moments leading to this resolution - the molotov cocktails and leaving the street looking like fullajah. This really gives insight into Fiona's matter-of-fact handling of violence. We also see another side of her when she negotiates a copy of Michael's key and forces him to go to his mom for some help. I think Fiona's motives are really to keep Michael in Miami and to domesticate him.

    Michael continues to move forward in his search for the origin of his burn notice. This episode led him to finding some coded information that he can pursue. The juxtapostion of talking about the abuse from his dad with the the struggling efforts he made to make the daughter feel less scared showed character thawing on Michael's part. Maybe he will get use to helping real people and not just cold governments. Not enough of Bruce Campbell tonight - he is always a highlight.

    Here is a question - how does he pay his expenses, pay Fiona and Sam, eat and pay rent for the small paychecks he is getting?
  • After watching on the pilot and the second episode, I was very on the fence about watching this show. This episode sealed the deal, and proved to me that Burn Notice is an amazing show.

    My friend told me about this new show, Burn Notice, and I vowed to watch it. I missed it accidentally, and found myself playing the catch-up game, watching episodes 1 and 2 on his TiVo. After 1 and 2, I was losing interest, and questions whether to watch the show or not. Then I saw this episode. It was just awesome. Killer plot, amazing action, and just an all around amazing episode. I now have no doubt in my mind that I will continue watching this show, and hope it lasts. It comes as no surprise that this awesome show is on the same network as Psych and Monk, two of my other favorite shows. If you are like me, have this episode on your DVR, and are considering dropping the show, don’t, you will be sorry if you do.
  • Excellent episode!

    Oleg the landlord’s top server hasn’t come to work for a week and he is worried. So he asks Michael to “look into it”. For four months free rent, Michael will. Of course, the story is more complicated than it first appears. The server, who is a woman, witnessed a drug dealer severely beat a pizza delivery person. Now the dealer wants the witness eliminated. The major complication is the witness has a high school-aged daughter who really wants to go to the school dance. Michael must use all of skills and tricks to keep them safe until he can sort out the situation. Also, Fiona wants a key to Michael’s apartment so she doesn’t have to keep breaking in. The other subplot is an Egyptian agent who is an old contact of Michael’s who may be able to find out who is behind the burn notice.
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