Burn Notice

Season 1 Episode 3

Fight or Flight

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 12, 2007 on USA

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  • Good.

    I find this show to be very interesting. It's got a really weird atmosphere - almost feels like Magnum, or like, any show from the 80's. I enjoy Michael's character, but as far as the characters go, thats pretty much it. Fiona's cool too, but can be a little annoying in high dosage. The rest is not really all that interesting.

    The case of the episode - hmm. Intersting but this is supposed to be a spy show yet the episodic cases tend to be, well, rather low-scale. Although I enjoy the McGyver-like weapons and solutions, I think the main reason I tune in to this show is because I want to see a spy show.

    Michael's father being mentioned here and there and Michael finally visiting his grave was a nice touch, hopefully the show will continue to develop his character.

    The "overall" arc progression was laughable, I honestly believe it's actually unneccessery to be included in the show at this point. One of the main reasons though I enjoy this show is how witty it is. I like Michael's commentary and the subtle humor and light heartedness is awesome too. Also, the camerawork is often outstanding.

    Overall, an ok episode, but it almost feels as if im enjoying this show for the wrong reasons.
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