Burn Notice

Season 7 Episode 2

Forget Me Not

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2013 on USA

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  • So good it literally gave me chills

    Really there are not enough words to adequately articulate how perfect the ending of this episode is.

    It starts like any other trusty Burn Notice episode but then the flashbacks to Michael and Fi's first meeting Dublin just makes it so special and touching. The fan girl in me was just screaming and jumping up and down in joy.

    Then at the climax of the episode one simple phrase literally gave me chills all over my body... To which then I found myself screaming at the screen 30 seconds later in sheer fan girl devastation.

    I have watched ALOT of TV and never has a single episode of TV cause me to feel so many overwhelming & conflicting emotions in the space of a few minutes.

    Bloody fantastic.

  • love to give my opinion...

    Is there a way to watch episodes on this??
  • Forget Me Not

    It was the 100th episode, so I had high hopes. Not the best episode in the Burn Notice series, but not the worst. When Michael first sees Fiona, the music by Dougie MacLean (the Gael), is Scottish, not Irish, so not sure why it featured. Gabrielle of course is English, but she is meant to be playing an Irish native, isn't she?. I really do wish the Americans would stop getting us Celts mixed up - we really are very different! There are lots of Irish ditties that would have worked much better in place of the Gael, so that spoiled it a bit for me, and as it was in the opening scenes it put a damper on the rest of the episode.

    Bit too smalzy (if that's even a word) in parts and the Irish accents were diabolically poor (why bother if you can't do a decent one). However, still watching...
  • Forget Me Not

    I really enjoyed Burn Notice's celebratory episode here. The show did flashbacks, but not in a snobby, phony or overly sentimental way, just to set the tone for the show, and it worked here.

    Very enjoyable, and truly makes us disappointed the end of the show is near.
  • A Pivotal Episode (Spoilers inside)

    Michael has to interfere with the investigation of his friends once Fiona was captured by Mystery Man. He realizes that his failed relationship with her is now over. It is sad because everyone was hoping that they would manage to stay together.
  • Give a guy a break!

    In Season 1, the main goal of Michael Westen was to find out who burned him and why. In Season 2 he found himself forced to work for them. Then he tried to get his old job back, worked for the organization again, and finally - after nearly dying in a massive shootout - got what he needed to dismantle them entirely. By Season 5, he was back in the good graces of the CIA, and he and Fiona - the love of his life - were living together. Unfortunately, Michael was forced to work for the biggest scumbag he'd ever met (Anson) and the last remaining member of the organization to ensure that Fiona - the love of his life - didn't go to jail for an explosion that killed two people.

    Michael was ready to betray his country for her, but she couldn't let him cross that line, so she turned herself in. All that mattered to him was getting Fiona out of jail and making Anson pay for everything he'd done. Unfortunately, while Anson wound up dead, so did Michael's brother Nate. Fiona was released, but now Michael and his team had revenge on their minds. Michael's mentor Tom Card was revealed to be behind the deaths of Anson and Nate to cover up his own crimes. Michael then killed Card and wound up a wanted man. Finally, in order to protect his mother and his team, he accepted a deal with the CIA to keep them out of jail. Sadly, Fiona didn't take it too well, and here we are.

    The flashbacks in this ep, while seemingly out of place, did well to reinforce the heartbreak Michael would suffer. While Sam and Jesse were annoyed, they fully understood Michael's actions, even offering their assistance. Madeline was clearly hurting here, and after losing Nate, not talking to Michael for so long had to suck, but all she wanted was to hold her son again. That scene got to me. Here's hoping she doesn't screw up again.

    Am I alone in saying that I hate Fiona right now? How does she not understand that Michael accepted the deal to keep her out of some dark hole? How could she possibly be so selfish?

    It's very telling that she didn't even glance at Michael when she ran into Carlos' waiting arms. She probably feels that Michael chose the CIA over her, and can't forgive him for that. Selfish.

    The man gave up 9 months of his life to protect her and those he cares about. He lost his brother. He remembered her childhood story and used it to save her. I wasn't expecting a happy ending, but I would've loved to see her say, "I understand that you did what you had to He truly had no other option. Lay off Fi!!!

    I don't really have a problem with Carlos. He tracks down bail-jumpers, he's great with kids, but if history is any indication, we probably won't be seeing wedding bells in the future.

    What made this ep great was seeing Michael's reactions when having to spy on his team. Of course Strong ordered him not to talk to them. It's obvious he doesn't care what happens to Michael or his team as long as his objective is complete, and so I was beyond satisfied when Michael took off to help Fiona, knowing that Strong sending in a team would get her killed. Ass.

    What we've seen from Season 7 indicates that this is a much different Burn Notice than we are used to. The ironic thing is, Michael's burn notice helped him. He was better that way. He had the support of his family, his friends, and learned to appreciate the better things in life. Now we see him as he was pre-burned, and the picture is not pretty.

    I really hope he gets free from the CIA before the end, so he can have a good life again.