Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 1

Friends And Enemies

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2010 on USA
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To stop an impending terrorist threat, Michael is drawn into a rather dubious alliance with a man named Vaughn. Meanwhile, he helps Sam and Fiona run interference between a lawyer and lawless biker gang.

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  • Michael Westen is back to save Miami's residents in need and keep Fi and Sam from killing each other. Yeah, not to forget the people who burnt him...

    Wow, that was fast. Short version: From the prison to the jungle to Miami. Say hello to friends and family, save a lawyer from a biker gang and in between get recruited for the people who burnt him (sort of anyways). The viewer couldn't catch a break which is only fair because Michael doesn't get to catch a break either...

    Whoever thought Michael would be in prison for a while and have quite an unpleasant time this spring was wrong. Who could think that bad of The Management? The idea is to thank Michael for catching Simon and rescuing the Old Man. Ok, they burnt him, but after three years they got Michael where they wanted him to be. To say it with Vaughn's word (Michael's new friend sent from the Management): "Friends at last". Vaughn admits Michael had bad experiences (understatement!) with a few unstable, corrupt, or psychopathic operatives (maybe that's what happens when you burn them?), but promises that's over. They need Michael to find the guy who let Simon out to blow up Miami, but not as an errand boy, but as a partner...

    In the end, that's what Michael does, he partners up with them to find the guy who is hiding behind big money accounts. The choice seems unlikely, after all Michael spent the last three years avoiding working for them. But with a even bigger bad boy in the picture, Michael has no real choice. He doesn't work for the adrenaline, or fame and fortune, he does his job to help people...

    Apropos people in need, when he comes home, Michael is right in the middle of Sam and Fi's case who try to save a lawyer who got in the way of a biker and was green-lit by that biker's gang. By the way, it's nice to see Sam and Fi haven't killed each other while Michael was gone. They even partnered up to work on cases which can only mean they deeply care for Michael. Michael doesn't really see that (he is also busy trying to save their case), he even picks a fight with Fiona because Sam and Fi act like nothing has ever happened. That's one of the parts of that episode that shows how much Michael has changed within the last years. He has become more honest with his friends and family. A while ago he wouldn't have talked about these feelings, he would have even buried them deep down inside. The other new Michael shows up when he visits his mother to talk. A conversation he would have avoided a few years ago, now he sits down with her and tells her what happened. With tears in his eyes, he even opens up and tells her about his fear to become like Simon...

    That's the question, is Michael becoming more like Simon? He did bad things to catch Simon, he almost killed him. And in the very end of this episode, he even gets closer. When Michael steals information about an investigation of a weapon supplier that is connected with the guy he and The Management are looking for, a counterintelligence agent named Jesse Porter (new main cast member Coby Bell!) takes the fall. Michael just burned a spy...

    I think this episode was a promising start of the new season. Thursday summer nights will be quite entertaining.moreless
  • Friends and Enemies

    Burn Notice returned tonight for its fourth season premiere, and I have to say that it was a bit of a letdown. The action was pretty low and everything just felt a little bit convoluted. They did not do a good job of explaining how Michael got out of holding, and after the way the third season ended that is inexcusable.

    Burn Notice just moved way too slowly tonight, the ending was not that suspenseful, and I just felt like I have already seen this episode 100 times. Burn Notice could be 40 minutes of Sam and still be better than Royal Pains though.moreless
  • finally burn notice is back

    i really liked the start of season 4 so far. this was a good episode, now i have seen better episodes of burn notice but i did enjoy this episode anyways. micheal is back after being away for quite some time and as soon has he arrives back in miami he sees that fiona and sam have been working on the case and they are having a little promblem so micheal decides to help them as soon as he got back. i liked the part where fiona and micheal are talking about the biker gang and then fion hands micheal a gun and micheal is wondering whats going on then he gets in the passenger seat of the car with sam and fi and so sam and fi start making plans and micheal still doent know whats going on then he sorta yells and said why do i have a gun in my hand i really enjoyed that part.

    overall this was a good episodemoreless
  • Michael got back after being 'away' for quite a time and agreed to look into whoever let Simon loose and help Management to solve this problem as the stake of many lives depends on it.moreless

    wow, it is good to be having this series back in desperate times like this, with most of my favorite series already ended for real or just another season ended, im started to become crazy. Just in time when Supernatural, Fringe, Lost, FlashForward, Chuck, House, How I met your Mother, V, The Mentalist, my 3rd favorite spy, (num 1 is morgan, num 2 is chuck, haha), Michael Western is back with his legacy. He agreed to help the management solve those problem because soo many live is at stake, how noble is that for a spy? nway, looking forward to the next episode, long live Michael!!moreless
  • Aside from a few minor quibbles, I liked the episode and it shows potential for a very memorable season 4.

    This episode felt a little bit rushed, if only for the fact the writers were trying to cram in Story A, Story B, and the setup for the season. Although the lawyer story A felt a little contrived, it was nice to see the gang back in action (they even got Barry in there).

    Mike's gambit with the twin uzis felt a little weak. Michael Westen being Michael Westen, you'd think he'd have a better plan than 'walk up with two uzis'. On the flipside, the solution to the A-story was fairly creative.

    Hopefully we'll see the consequences of Michael being gone in later episodes. It was good that they addressed that issue when Michael went to talk with his mother.

    Aside from a few minor quibbles, I liked the episode and it shows potential for a very memorable season 4.

    The positives:

    -team dynamics still there

    -Mike dealing with his disappearance

    -Fi is still a packed C4 charge of crazy

    -turning the tables and having Michael do the burning for once

    The negatives:

    -lawyer was ridiculously unbelievable

    -Fi's 'uh oh' and 'don't yell at me' responses seemed a little out of character

    -Michael Ironside's cameo way too short

    -being outside of Miami seemed like it should've been a bigger deal (more a nitpick here)moreless
Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside

Gregory Hart

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Rich Sommer


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Andrew Bryniarski

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Paul Tei

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Featured Music:
      "Spring Break" by The Glove and Kurt Farquhar (Miami opening scenes)
      "Latin Love" by Frank Nitty and Kurt Farquhar (Miami montage)
      "MDV- Mirala Como Se Maria" by Brailey Ramos (Sam and Michael meet Barry)
      "Living Inside Of Me" by Level (Fiona goes undercover)
      "Rowdy Raucous" by Shane Drasin and Kurt Farquhuar (Fiona works undercover)
      "Red Dress" by Rockburn (Fiona watches the Biker Bar)
      "Battle Axe" by Chris Bragg (The chase)
      "Don't Remember" by Trona (At the tattoo shop)
      "Club Dread" by Shane Drasin and Kurt Farquhuar (Michael downloads the info)

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Michael: (voice-over) As a spy, you don't have to explain yourself much. You can disappear for a month, and nobody asks questions. For a certain kind of person, that's one of the perks of going into the intelligence business. As a civilian, you don't have that luxury. Eventually, people expect a good explanation when you disappear, whether or not you have one.

    • Winston: What do we do now?
      Michael: Plan B.
      Winston: What's plan B?!
      Michael: I'm...working on it.

    • Michael: Don't make a move unless things go bad.
      Sam: And if things go bad?
      Michael: Well, it was nice seeing you guys again.

    • Madeline: When I got the call that you were coming back, the guy on the phone was a little vague. I wasn't entirely sure they weren't shipping pieces of you back in a cardboard box.
      Michael: I think I'm all here.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: August 13, 2010 on Channel Ten
      United Kingdom: August 24, 2011 on FX/FX HD
      Slovakia: April 15, 2013 on JOJ Plus