Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 18

Game Change

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 20, 2012 on USA

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  • The End is

    An action-packed ending, if somewhat predictable with Michael making an unknown Company deal. While Michael has seemingly escaped, perhaps with his crew, prosecution for killing Agent Tom Card he's made a new deal which will, undoubtedly, be the set up for the coming final season.

    Burn Notice pulls almost everything out but the kitchen sink, well probably including the sink, to good effect in the season finale. What long-time viewers like is all here and with the suspense and action it didn't seem too "old hat" in the final analysis - if you are still largely "on-board".

    The bottom line is a good Burn Notice episode, and this one was actually better than good, entertains first and foremost. Not a bad segue-way into the continued travails of Michael and crew. A solid season wrap.
  • Let it end!

    My interest in this show has seriously waned over the last couple of seasons. I was at the point of having Anson as my favourite character and was gutted that he got what was inevitably coming.

    They aren't exactly paving new ground with the story telling in this and to end it with "does it end here?" only to have it say, 5 seconds later, "no, next season on it's way". There is always time to call it quits and not drag another show into the 'should have been killed x seasons ago' territory and Burn Notice is definitely there.

    Unless you are coming out with something truly AMAZING then 4-5 seasons is the sweet spot of milking a show for what its worth ratings wise, not spoiling the magic for those who have followed it for so long and not leaving us wanting more.

    I will probably watch the start of next season but if it doesn't pick up I may not finish.

    Good points: , it does draw this chapter to a close

    Bad points; it didn't finish there (Which is would have been very easy to do), seat belt plot point (as pointed out by someone else) was ludicrous. Jesse's capture of last episode was too obviously plot driven and given their usual fortune he would have been away without incident. They could have reshaped it to make the capture more believable.