Burn Notice

Season 2 Episode 9

Good Soldier

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2008 on USA

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  • The Invisble Carla

    Michael was made a fool once again, Carla had played him from the start which we all knew it. The writers became predicable that we already knew that Carla couldn't be that stupid. The rating was for the great effects and action, even enjoyed a little bit of the comedy and the case about the kidnappers. Michael playing as the drunk bodyguard was hilarious, the whole Carla thing I feel Michael doesn't stand a chance. He's outnumbered, outwitted and outgunned Michael has never got an advantage over her which is pretty sad. Basically making Carla invisible, Michael either need to step up his game or call some people that is better than him. Writers made it quite clear that Carla can't be beat by Michael. The End...
  • "Super Fantastic"

    The show keeps getting better and better. The momentum and pace of this fiery episode gives such an "adrenaline" rush.

    The plot of the episode, the way it turns and twist and caries you along with it, is action packed fun.

    What is so exciting About this Special One lets Say. The Stakeout, the spying on CARLA, the break in, WICKED COOL bike chase sequence, slide down the trailer and top it off the FINAL JUMP off. and you take the jump too.

    "ICE COOL" I say it is.

    Keep tuning in .... Coz. YOU will be hooked on to the show and "Enough will be NEVER ENOUGH"
  • give me a bible and slap me silly, this episode was outstanding!

    ha! now that's what Burn Notice is all about, the good, the bad and the insanely weirdo plan. Michael, our yogurt-eating spy was 10x ahead every step of the way. Too bad the next episode won't be showing for awhile judging by the no dates on the episode guide. Burn Notice is getting better and better. Now, Good Soldier pretty much covered everything we wanted in Burn Notice, what got me though is when Michael started to quote the bible, Fi was somewhat mesmerize. Is it because of what she or Michael said in the past? Or was she just surprise/touched of what Michael was saying because he was looking right at her.

    Out of subject, but Fi has had some pretty cool outfits. Love that mini skirt. It really brings out her ass. arrrrrrrrrr.....
  • Very exciting

    Jeffrey Donovan did a great job playing the alcoholic man in this episode. The plot was exciting. Sometimes it's not about the case, but what Michael and his team do to solve it.
    So Nate is back and when you think he's trying to make ammends and do something good with his life, Carla comes and screws the whole thing up. And all because of Michael.
    What was the deal with Fiona? When Michael said all those things did he really mean something else? He and Fi have a lot of history but I guess they need to talk about it because, I believe there's something going on.
    Sam was funny as always. When you think they're going to do something, they go the other way around and surpise you.
  • 9.2 - great episode

    Michael is getting closer to figuring out what Carla has planned and who the sniper is trying to kill, but everything backfires at the end. Awesome! Great cliff hanger on the episode. Michael basically gets blown up - but of course he's not dead, just a bit hurt. Anyways, Fiona's boyfriend asks for help and Michael poses as a bodyguard to stop a kidnapping. Of course, in the end Michael is successful and puts more criminals in jail while smoothly getting away. It was nice to see Nate for the finale and he had a pretty good part in this episode. Overall, great finale because of the great cliffhanger and ok story.
  • As Yogi Berra used to say this one was a cliff dweller.

    I liked the action and drama of this episode. They kidnapping part was well done and well played. Kidnappers like to pray on weak links and that makes their job much easier when you get the person handed to you instead of having to track, watch and look for ways around the security.
    I especially liked it when Michael told the kidnappers he was out as he found God on TV one late night, great touch and it had me laughing.
    Carla on the other hand is actually getting more interesting. But the one hard to swallow part of the episode was after numerous times of Carla coming after the family he is not more careful at home. A good spy sets up little tells on the outside and inside of his place to see if anyone has been there, it is common tradecraft, which he did not do as he seemed surprised when he found his front door booby trapped.
  • It just gets better and better.

    At one point I believed that the storyline with Burn Notice was getting a bit redundant; always seeing Micheal's mother when it wasn't necessary, his on-off relationship with Fiona and not to mention 'The Client', but this installment made why I began watching this series worthwhile. I enjoyed every bit of it; the dilemma between finding out who burned him and helping out Fiona's boyfriend was well played. Though I figure that Fiona is only with him to make Micheal jealous, but this installment is finally beginning to pick up pace.

    I'm definitely looking out for the next episode after that explosion, well enough said...
  • Michael must prevent a kidnapping while trying to find out more information about Carla.

    Burn Notice ended the first half of its second season with a bang. There was comedy, there was non-stop action and there was great acting by the cast. Tricia Helfer reprised her role as Carla and did another quality job, in addition to filling out a bikini pretty well.

    I'm not crazy about Michael's brother, but he was harmless in this episode. The chemistry between Sam and Michael is comedic gold, but they are also a very believable spy team. Unfortunately that resulted in a little less of Fiona, but we still got her trigger-happy personality in key scenes.

    The final moment was an excellent way to sign off for a few months and leave Burn Notice fans counting the days until its January return.
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