Burn Notice

Season 2 Episode 9

Good Soldier

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2008 on USA

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  • Very exciting

    Jeffrey Donovan did a great job playing the alcoholic man in this episode. The plot was exciting. Sometimes it's not about the case, but what Michael and his team do to solve it.
    So Nate is back and when you think he's trying to make ammends and do something good with his life, Carla comes and screws the whole thing up. And all because of Michael.
    What was the deal with Fiona? When Michael said all those things did he really mean something else? He and Fi have a lot of history but I guess they need to talk about it because, I believe there's something going on.
    Sam was funny as always. When you think they're going to do something, they go the other way around and surpise you.