Burn Notice

Season 4 Episode 14

Hot Property

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on USA

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  • Starts off slow but picks up fast.

    The first thing about this Burn Notice episode that makes it better than last week is the fact that it didn't have the same storytelling issues that last week did. It was very easy to understand both the story and the client story.

    The next is that a bad guy...or girl...from Season 3 returns and makes Michael, Fi, Sam and Jesse a chemicle weapon for her to make some money or whatever she needed it for. And in an attempt of Blackmail, she took Fi's handgun that she's used to kill people. The client story starts very slow but around mid-way through the episode it picks up very well and I could'nt stop staring at the TV.

    For the storyline, Jesse and Michael found out that Welsh, the man that has the bible, is auctioning it and is going to get money for it. So story-wise, Jesse's old handler Marv comes in handy when they decide to use him to get the information they need to intercept the list.

    The tension between Michael and Jesse is getting very...umm, weird. Jesse and Michael 'made-up' at the end of the episode, so it looks like they are friends again, for now. But anything can happen, and in Madeline's words, "Someone can get killed."

    Still no update on the Vaughn situation and no mention of Simon, but in my opinion, putting beside the shaky start it really picked up and it did not take a lot of thought to figure out the story, like list week when I enjoyed the episode but was thinking really hard about what happened at the end.

    This is Burn Notice, not Inception people! Anyway, a solid A for this week's Burn Notice. Happy Thanksgiving to you all and I'll be back in 2 weeks from now to review the next one, where Nate returns.