Burn Notice

Season 2 Episode 11

Hot Spot

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2009 on USA

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  • Gangster Paradise

    Michael excepts a job from a football coach turns out the local gangsters were threatening one of his players. The football players sister was assaulted by leader of the gang and is why he intervene for what happen to his sister. Michael, Sam and Fiona pretend to be secret organization that wants to take over Miami. Meanwhile Fiona got a hit on the bombers house but turns out to be a flame trap, Carla pays Michael a visit for a interesting meeting.
  • Fabulous episode. Like a mini-movie.This could have been a stand-alone show. Expanded a little, it could have been a great movie - Oceans 11 type. Great writing, great acting, great editing, great use of music.

    Loved the revenge line about TV and candy.
    Loved the fortune cookie scene
    Liked Sam's line about working hard but making it look easy. When he called Fiona "lady". Very noir.
    Liked all the scenes with Tony - he's a good actor and dialog was believable, resonated more than many of the bad guy scenes in Burn Notice
    Liked the line about no bruises, just a few paper cuts - summed up the Carla scene perfectly - what we saw and what we didn't see
    Liked when Michael was explaining everything to Sam about the Carla meeting and Sam said something like, Yeah, yeah, yeah, get in the car. Great way to explain things to the audience without making it obvious - Sam didn't need details, audience did. Great way to handle it.
    Loved Mom's line about if you didn't bring people over I'd never see you.
    Loved the scene about Cory eating all the food - even the fact that Mom had all the old food - and later when Fiona said he ate his weight in cereal - so real, brought a grounding and reality to the story, the kid - another example of showing a world in a few funny lines
    Loved the bomb-making scene. Another example of tight dialog to convey so much.
    The scene where Fiona talks about first falling in love with Michael - also a complete story in a few lines of dialog.
    The Christmas story was so sad - added so much to the whole family dynamic and Michael's background story. Great how they used such a short scene and perfect dialog to tell such a big story.
    Loved the back alley scene. Great set-up to get the bad guys. I like it when BN does that instead of thuggery.
    The entire ending - from Michael finding Fiona in his loft, to bringing back the breakfast - being real quiet, obviously happy - finding Carla and their dialog - another scene where a whole world was contained in a few lines. That's the kind of thing that makes a show - or movie - great. Nothing wasted.
    Loved that Michael tried to reach Fiona at the end and she didn't answer.
    Overall, the writing was amazing. The contained a world of information, mood, history, foreboding in small moments and few words while keeping it light with wonderful, smart sarcasm.
  • yawn. this series has been losing its edge.

    This episode was very predictable, and really not interesting. I'm getting tired of them taking the clients to the mom's house every time, and watching her chain smoke all over the place. The actress's acting skills and all the characters actually seem wasted on the show these days with writing that just doesn't inspire or even entertain much. Sam Axe is written as just a boring cliche, the main story line is more or less the same week after week,...& I find I just can't care whether Michael and Fi get together or not when Michael's character doesn't really doesn't exhibit anything that looks to me like true passion and interest in her other than as an operative - and she seems somewhat pathetic to keep hanging around waiting for him to change. The scenes where they are trying to make it seem like they have something between them are the most unbelievable and weak on the show in my opinion. I really like Fi's character a lot though! I wish they could make the emotional/relationship dynamics more interesting and believable. I think they better get Fi hooked up with someone she really loves that loves her. And let's have Michael do the same. And have the mother quit smoking (because she evolves as a person), and let's have Sam do something shocking and not be such a lapdog. And get to the bottom of the burn notice and turn the tables on Carla soon.
  • Michael helps out a football player and his coach.

    Coming off the red hot Season 2.5 premiere Burn Notice delivered another gripping episode tonight. The premise was not as strong as last week's but it was still a fairly entertaining story. Sam really excelled here with some snappy one-liners and his generally likable sidekick behavior. And of course Carla is great, even when she's barely doing anything that special.

    The ending completely changed my view on this as I did not see the fire coming at all, nor did I see Fionna waiting for Michael in his house, nor did I see them getting back together. Unfortunately this will lead to some relationship garbage that belongs on Gossip Girl next week, but for now I'm content with the ending.
  • Michael, Fiona and Sam pose as a gang of ruthless car thieves to stop a thug who is threatening a local high school football star. Meanwhile, Fiona and Michael track down the man responsible for the explosion at Michael's loft.

    Loved "Hot Spot". Best episode thus far. So well written. Very stylish in the filming of the episode. My favorite scene was when Fiona and Michael were remembering Michael McBride....the man she fell in love with.

    I always like the cool spy techniques and action, but it was nice to get a glimpse at the people at the heart of the show. All the emotion. When Michael thought Fiona had died, oh boy. The rain coming down, and of course the kiss.

    I thought I was watching a movie.

    Whatever you do, please don"t leave us hanging with Michael and Fiona.

    Great job!!!!!!!!
  • What did we find out?

    Sam is a protective big brother/father to Mikey while keeping it light and breezy - and Mikey needs/wants it. Fiona fell in love with Michael when they blew things up together in Ireland, but Michael doesn't trust that she loved him for who he really is or who he was pretending to be. Mom lives in the past but knows the history she rewrote is a lie. Some sort of sexual assault happened to Fi or someone she loved. Real crime bosses are much lower key than show usually demonstrates - secondary plot was much more believable than usual. Carla is really scared - and Michael knows it. Her tough girl persona is crumbling. Michael has truly weird taste in food. Probably got it from his mom who doesn't seem to think much about what she serves him - or others. Maybe that's why Sam cooked dinner when he stayed at her house a few episodes ago!
  • A little homage to the Superbowl this week on Burn Notice. We get Sticky Fingaz, Michael Irvin and some great Fi/Michael 'ship stuff that should have any shipper swooning. The review right after I figure out how to undermine my enemy's will to fight…

    Sam calls in a favor and asks Michael to talk to Sean Martin, a football coach who helps impoverished kids. Sean wants Michael's assistance helping one of his players, Corey Jensen, who's being targeted by gangsters.

    The B story aside, the stuff with Fi and Michael was great. Especially the end scene when Michael realizes that Fi didn't blow up in that rigged building. Rain drenched and relived, we all get the sizzling kiss that we've been waiting for. Let's hope that the relationship can withstand Carla and her band of minions.

    More Thoughts on 'Hot Spot': - I'm loving the Carla and Michael chemistry, it's deliciously flirtatious, and their banter back and forth is fun to watch.
    - Loved the tutorial on how to bullet proof a car. Love all the spy tips.
    - The coffee can full of thermite was just sooo awesome. - Carla looks a little scared about the people above her.
    - Great scene with all three of them getting suited up.
    - "You'll have a lot of trouble if you stay here. Plus, your place is on fire."

    Bottom Line: A nice way to bring Michael and Fi together again, great tormenting of Sticky Fingaz. More at www.theplurp.com
  • Micheal finds a new job when a local football coach needs help with one of his players, while Micheal is trying to find out who tried to blow him up

    This is where season 2 starts to crack. This episode is a routine case for mike and company, but where it gets its points lies in the actions DURING the case. Fiona is pretty good in this one, without spoiling anything, you feel for her and her rage towards the assault of the 15 year old is palpable. Sam once again is under utilized but has some fairly funny one liners. The case was fairly simple with a plot twist most repeat viewers can see coming a mile away. Madeline ceased to get on my nerves in this episode, which is a good thing, as she was once again relegated to babysitter duty. Overall, a solid episode but nothing terrible special like Good Soldier. Still solid i would give this episode an 8.5