Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 3

Last Rites

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 28, 2012 on USA
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    Burn Notice: Cruising Along

    Even Shakespeare knew his dramas couldn't all be high-octane, stabby-town bloodbaths from start to finish. "Last Rites" was enjoyable in a more laid-back, non-bullets-and-explosions sort of way.

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    When Agent Pearce learns the identity of her fiancée's killer, she enlists Michael's help to seek revenge. Things get complicated, however, when they discover the man is under protection as a CIA asset. Meanwhile, Fiona seeks out a well-connected prison smuggler to find out who was behind an attempt on her life.


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    • burn notice

      Good to see the team back at it again. Series is showing improvement.
    • Last Rites

      Not crazy about another episode with Nate, but it was a solid offering from Burn Notice. A little too over the top with what they got away with, and a little too focused on a supporting character for my taste, but still the action, and some heartfelt drama, that this series excels at. Solid third outing of the season.
    • Continuing a Great Season

      Yet again we find ourselves engaged with Burn Notice. Why? Because now all of the "episode missions" as I like to call them are centrailzed and influenced by the plot and the main characters. In prior seasons, the episode missions were mostly unrelated to the plot, and the writers stuck the main plot line in the beginning and end of the episode. It wasn't till the season finale/opener that we were treated with the full plot for 45 minutes.

      "Last Rites" shows us yet again that the writers have changed their plot scheme. Pierce having found out who killed her fiance sparks the mission. The mission of course is to find and wreck the life of Ahmed Damour who was superbly acted by Faran Tahir (Iron Man). Being that the mission was directly associated with a main character, I found myself fully engaged from start to finish.

      Let's not forget Fi of course. I can't get enough of the prison action. I can't fully articulate why I enjoy it so much, but it must be knowing that Fi is down and out seeming to have to fight the world on her own. It adds a layer of uncertainty and suspense which is needed to engage the audience in a plot. Tears are shed when Michael and Fi finally see each other again, and I found this scene to have a great deal of emotional depth. Suffice it to say, I was quite involved.

      Here's to keeping the stream of great episodes up!moreless
    • Good suspense

      I liked this episode far better than episode 2 [which seemed to lack convincing acting], there is good suspense, especially with Fionas situation and some nice insight into Pearce's personal life. A nice dose of emotion from Michael and Fiona to top it off.
    Nestor A. Lao

    Nestor A. Lao


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    Zabryna Guevara

    Zabryna Guevara


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    Faran Tahir

    Faran Tahir

    Ahmed Damour

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    Jere Burns

    Jere Burns

    Anson Fullerton

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    Lauren Stamile

    Lauren Stamile

    Agent Pearce

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    Seth Peterson

    Seth Peterson

    Nate Westen

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      • Michael: (voice-over) A successful ambush can end a battle before it ever begins. To pull one off, you need two key factors, the element of surprise and superior positioning. The best staging areas offer a clear view of your target while providing plenty of cover for you. Of course, it doesn't matter how good your position is if you're the one who gets surprised.

      • Michael: (voice-over) Sabotage is best done in private, when no one is around to see it. If you don't have that luxury, you have to take certain precautions. It's crucial to conceal the real reason for your movements so that people don't get suspicious. It's also a good idea to use time delay devices so that when the fun starts, you'll be nowhere near it.

      • Michael: (voice-over) Gram staining is a method of testing for the presence of certain types of bacteria. Positive results turn purple. Negative results turn pink. If you need a positive result on a gram test, there's no need to bring in a lethal microorganism. A little yogurt will do the job. And, of course, no matter what color a slide turns, nothing sells scary like a big reaction.

      • Michael: (voice-over) Hiding trackers in accessories is a go-to trick for spies. Jewelry and watches are attractive options, but there's always a risk they'll clash with the target's outfit and get left at home. On the other hand, a tracker that the target believes might save his life is always in fashion.

      • Michael: Ahmed has valuable information, and we need to get it back.
        Madeline: I heard that part. If this was just about stolen secrets, you wouldn't need Nate and me.
        Nate: Come on, Mom. You know how this works. The details are probably, like, classified or whatever. Can't you just be happy helping out Mike?
        Madeline: This isn't watering someone's plants while they're out of town! You're asking us to fly to another country dealing with spies at the drop of a hat!

      • Michael: (voice-over) One the easiest and most efficient ways to make incendiary devices begins with mixing aluminum powder and plaster of Paris; once dry, it burns at about 3000 degrees and can melt solid steel in under a minute. It's also completely stable and safe to store until it's lit, which is important because nobody should handle a deadly incendiary without a good night's sleep.

      • Michael: (voice-over) The difference between a drug being called a medicine and a poison comes down to one thing: dosage. The recommended amount of Prazosin will effectively regulate blood pressure. But taking too much will trigger side effects that mimics the symptoms of an extreme viral infection; once they kick in, instead of doubling down, you'll be falling down.

      • Michael: (voice-over) Personal bodyguards are specifically trained to identify and prioritize potential threats, which means getting their attention is usually as easy as becoming the most immediate threat in the area.

      • Michael: (Michael reciting his lines) Look we need to run a stat blood series. Stat blood series CBC, CMP, PT and a PTT...
        Jesse: Don't forget a BLT and a PB&J asap!

      • Michael: (voice-over) Effective interrogation takes many forms, but usually include three key elements: First you need the target with the intel you're after. Then you need an interrogation team. Their job is to secure the target and do whatever it takes to obtain actionable intelligence, but getting useful information doesn't matter if you cannot move on it, which is why you need a support team on the field... and of course the whole system breaks down if someone kills the target before he can talk.

      • Michael: (voice-over) When you've been marked for death, hiding is a short term strategy; it might buy you time, but it won't solve your problem. To do that, you need contact, it means exposing yourself to more potential threats, but it also means having the opportunity to find potential allies.

      • Michael: (voice-over) In prison, there is no such thing as good attention; it's better to be a number than to be known, because with anonymity comes safety, so whether you're dealing with a fellow inmate, a guard or the warden herself, the last thing you want is for your name to be on their mind.

      • Madeline: (referring to the blood pressure wrist monitor) You want me to get him to wear this? You said it was a watch, might as well just ask me to tie a brick around his wrist.

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