Burn Notice

Season 6 Episode 3

Last Rites

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 28, 2012 on USA

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  • Last Rites

    Not crazy about another episode with Nate, but it was a solid offering from Burn Notice. A little too over the top with what they got away with, and a little too focused on a supporting character for my taste, but still the action, and some heartfelt drama, that this series excels at. Solid third outing of the season.
  • Continuing a Great Season

    Yet again we find ourselves engaged with Burn Notice. Why? Because now all of the "episode missions" as I like to call them are centrailzed and influenced by the plot and the main characters. In prior seasons, the episode missions were mostly unrelated to the plot, and the writers stuck the main plot line in the beginning and end of the episode. It wasn't till the season finale/opener that we were treated with the full plot for 45 minutes.

    "Last Rites" shows us yet again that the writers have changed their plot scheme. Pierce having found out who killed her fiance sparks the mission. The mission of course is to find and wreck the life of Ahmed Damour who was superbly acted by Faran Tahir (Iron Man). Being that the mission was directly associated with a main character, I found myself fully engaged from start to finish.

    Let's not forget Fi of course. I can't get enough of the prison action. I can't fully articulate why I enjoy it so much, but it must be knowing that Fi is down and out seeming to have to fight the world on her own. It adds a layer of uncertainty and suspense which is needed to engage the audience in a plot. Tears are shed when Michael and Fi finally see each other again, and I found this scene to have a great deal of emotional depth. Suffice it to say, I was quite involved.

    Here's to keeping the stream of great episodes up!
  • Good suspense

    I liked this episode far better than episode 2 [which seemed to lack convincing acting], there is good suspense, especially with Fionas situation and some nice insight into Pearce's personal life. A nice dose of emotion from Michael and Fiona to top it off.